May be teased for the first timeBefore the world premiere at the Munich Motor Show in September, smart’s new electric SUV concept car was unveiled again. This time, we took a closer look at the top of the car and saw some front and sides.

The only image shows the spacious glass roof, covered with pill-like patterns and framed by silver rails. We also saw the golden ramp containing the windshield head and along the D-pillar (ending with the smart sign), as well as the wrap-around windshield design and full-width headlights and taillights.

The new SUV is the company’s first product Daimler-Geely joint ventureThe latter is responsible for the development of future models, and Mercedes-Benz continues to be responsible for the design.The brand’s styling is still dominated by Stuttgart’s chief designer Gordon Wagener, he told Car express This car should look “cool, sexy and mature, not cute and playful.”

Obviously, this means giving up several iconic smart design clues, such as the visible tridion safety unit and the headlights and taillights. Switching to electric buildings should also free up a lot of internal space. “Like the current smart models, the first car of the new era will also provide a better ratio of length to interior space than traditional cars,” Wagner said.

The production version of the model is expected to be equipped with Geely Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), It spans multiple variants to cover different market segments, and already supports larger Swedish Krona 001. The platform is also expected to become the basis for Volvo’s upcoming launch Entry-level SUV.

It is expected that this smart SUV will be equipped with the mid-range SEA2 for B to D class vehicles, with a wheelbase ranging from 2,650 mm to 2,900 mm.Given that the car will be compatible with Mini Countryman, It should be near the lower limit of the range.

Although this unnamed model will be smart’s first mass-produced SUV, it will not be the company’s first attempt to build an SUV.As early as the mid-2000s, the brand was in development before In order to expand the lineup after the original forfour is launched. As part of the reorganization, Mercedes decided to abandon the car in 2005.



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