How do you remain on top of your social media marketing game?

From publishing and creating content to reporting and analytics, It can be not easy to imagine all the tasks social media marketers must do every day.

Luckily, there are numerous social media marketing tools for managing social media to help you with your market research, content production, and much more. These tools will streamline your workflows, aid you reduce time, and make sure that your content is delivered to an appropriate audience at the most appropriate moment.

How do you choose what tools to choose?

With the abundance of amazing tools for managing social media available, We thought it was time to present a few of the social media marketing tools to help you decide which one is most suitable for your company.


Missinglettr automates the creation of social content. It scrapes your blog posts and creates a year’s worth of content for you. Nine individual posts are sent to your social media channels over a year.

This allows you to focus on long-form blog posts, and someone else will take care of scheduling posts and social promotion.


Another excellent advertising tool for social media is Audiense. It allows you to listen to conversations related to your product or service and produce content related to your company’s image. You can also monitor the content of your competitors’ content and find influencers impacting your target market. 

If you are not sure of your audience, it is possible to try the free trial. You can start with only $49 per month.


Later is a tool for social media to plan editorial content. It lets you make plans for content, design posts, and keep track of the previous work. It is a must-have tool for keeping track of conversations and monitoring events because it lets you respond to mentions right via the screen capture page. 

It is also a great tool to monitor your company’s performance using hashtags. It will let you know how many times a particular article has appeared on one platform. 


HubSpot can be described as an Inbound sales and marketing platform that assists businesses to attract customers to their websites, convert leads into leads and then close sales to customers.

It accomplishes this by bringing together a wide range of functions, allowing both sales and marketing departments to control all their tasks in one location. This includes creating content and sharing social media content workflow automation and lead capture, management of customer relationships, sales pipeline mapping, and monitoring performance.


Mention is the most popular instrument that helps design the ideal marketing strategy for your brand by monitoring your presence online.

The application generates alerts for clients’ brands, names, industries, companies, or competitors and provides real-time updates on their mentions on the internet and social media. Mention’s applications aid their customers in monitoring and enhancing their social media performance, identifying influencers, securing their image, and offering superior customer care. In the simplest terms, Mention is a comprehensive media monitoring tool.


Perfect for marketers and beginners into producing videos, InVideo helps you create wonderful marketing videos in just a few minutes. If you are unaware of the fine details of producing professional and perfectly edited videos.

With this tool, you get access to more than 3500 templates that will streamline your video-making procedure. You can even export videos in High Definition and use URL-to-video and text-to-speech features for transforming blogs and other textual content into engaging videos. Users also get access to features like masks, stickers, and vector shapes to make their videos interesting.
InVideo’s image collages are particularly useful for social media, as they allow you to combine text with different elements to customize your designs.


This tool allows you to establish rules to simplify your marketing on social networks business. You can make rules to trigger certain actions whenever something occurs. For example, you could make a rule that says each time you receive a Google notification of a certain alert, it is stored in the Google document. It is a great tool to execute your marketing strategy.

It is amazing for simple automation and can help a small team scale up to great heights easily. The UX is extremely simple and easy to use, making it a great tool. 


Zapier is a different beast in marketing automation and is on a different level. It shares some of the same features as IFTTT, but someone nicely described the main differences. IFTTT is simpler to learn and is great for simple automation, and Zapier is an ideal option for companies that wish to push their automation to the next level. Most marketers use both to accomplish different tasks. Additionally, Zapier plays nicely with many of the tools. 

With Zapier, you can automate your complete marketing and sales funnel by integrating all your tools.


Social media advertising can be nebulous and sometimes feels like shooting into the darkness. So, AB testing becomes essential, and AdEspresso is the leader in A/B testing. A tool that provides an immediate review on all major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. AdEspresso removes the guesswork of how your advertisements resonate with your target audience in line with the campaign’s name and target specifics.

It leads the way for your paid advertising team and helps the marketing teams immensely in decision making.


Rebrandly is the market-leading link management platform that lets you identify, track and distribute short URLs that use custom domain names. If you are an advanced user and want to create a customized project, Rebrandly is the most flexible link shortening toll in the market with an advanced link-management system. They provide extensive API and dedicated support to develop large and small projects based on hyperlinks (SMS transactions, messages for transactional use, influencers and affiliates Single-sign-on, OAuth, and much more).

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management and intelligence tool used by agencies and companies of all sizes to handle conversations and provide relevant insights that will have an actual business impact. Our integrated platform offers solutions for top-quality social marketing customer service analysis, data analysis, social listening, and advocacy for employees.

Sprout Social is used by over 30,000 brands worldwide in various industries that span from hospitality, education technology, fashion marketing agencies, and everything between. 


AddThis is a social bookmarking service that can be integrated into a site through an online widget. After the widget is installed on the site, users can save or share an item using various options, including Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, and Twitter. And the best part, it’s FREE.

It’s one of many reputed companies’ most easy-to-use shareable widget services.


RADAAR is an effective social media collaboration and management platform designed to handle several brands. It aids marketers in every stage, from creating and publishing content on their pages to reviewing their efforts. It is one of the newest tools but already making some buzz in the marketing community.

Suppose you’re a small-scale business focusing on a handful of social media sites, an agency that manages several brands, or an enterprise business that requires everything. In that case, RADAAR will help you significantly streamline your workflows, simplify your social media management, and help you save time.

In a Nutshell

We hope this list will give you clarity on social media marketing tools. But trust us, there are a bunch of them out there, and you can always find the one best suited for you.