It will be a fascinating 16-round match between Croatia and Spain. The two European strong teams started slowly in their respective group stages. They hope to make strides in the knockout round after finishing with a strong victory.

After defeating Slovakia by a 5-0 advantage, Spain is definitely a dominant team and finally eliminated the scoring problem that plagued coach Luis Enrique. In the most recent game, in addition to Slovakia’s two own goals, there were three different scorers.

But Spain’s top striker Alvaro Morata received a death threat after missing a penalty earlier in the game, and he did not play a role in this group of scorers. This fact will only continue to put pressure on him, even though Enrique firmly defended Morata last month against skeptics.

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Just when the Croatian team’s 3-1 victory over Scotland in the last game began to improve, the national team suffered a brutal blow. Star winger Ivan Perisic tested positive for COVID-19, forcing him Missed the game against Spain. The Croatian team will have a competent substitute, but it is difficult to make up for what he brought.

Who scored for Spain this time?

When you have possession of a team like Spain-the Spaniards control 66% to 81% of the ball in their three group games-the main topic of conversation always comes down to who The ball is placed in the net.

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Spain has been waiting for someone to stand up and become the team’s established scorer.Juventus forward Morata (pictured above) is the current starting center. Although he is very efficient, he has never that The kind of striker in his career. Nevertheless, the media and the fans still expect him to take on this responsibility, unless he regularly gives up opportunities (he has 1 goal in the team’s highest expected goal of 2.8), otherwise the level of censorship he faces will not disappear.

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Morata’s movement in the penalty area should prove to be a useful tool for unlocking Croatia’s defense, and the growing understanding between him and the other attackers Gerard Moreno and Pablo Sarabia will sooner or later lead to increased production. .

Croatia lacks star players

One of the reasons you will not be blamed for the decline of Croatia is that perhaps their best player of the day Perisic will be forced to be absent for 10 days and will not be able to play again until the final. This is a big punch for the Croatian team, they must know what he means to the team’s chances of the European Cup in 2021.

So far, Perisic has scored two of the team’s four goals in the 2021 European Cup. As a playmaker, crosser, terminator and aerial threat, he is a Croatian wing attacker. Important contributor. He can improvise, out of nothing, and get the team’s fourth highest “expected goals + expected assists” every 90 minutes in the 2021 European Cup.

Look forward to AC Milan striker Antrebic to succeed Perisic on the left wing, especially if Bruno Petkovic maintains his starting position as a center forward. Bundesliga forwards Andre Kramaric (Hoffenheim) and Josep Brecarlo (Wolfsburg) are other options, although a lot of drawdowns may be required in the game, Rebic seems to be His obvious starting choice for work efficiency.

The Croatian team will be competitive, diligent and dangerous in offensive set-pieces. They have the personal skills to come up with special and disruptive matches. If the 2018 World Cup finalists can somehow score their first goal, they may find a way to win it.

Spain vs. Croatia odds and predictions

This will make you think twice when you agree on Spain’s favorites. But for Spain, there are still too many things to like about this game. The expected goal difference of each FBref is the highest in the championship +5.5.

Even if (not if) Croatia is defending in the low post, Spain also has one-on-one ability, complex passing skills, and most importantly, the patience to break through at the right time. If things don’t go well, Spain has a strong substitute option and can provide different methods to solve Croatia’s defensive problems.

But another reason for feeling good about Spain is that Luis Enrique’s team can actually ensure that they dominate the midfield and control the ball. The Pedri-Busquets-Koke trio has too much football and mobility to be threatened by its Modric-Brozovic-Kovacic opponents. Croatia will not become a threat during the transition period, which means that Spain can move forward.

The game may start slowly and tense, but Spain should beat Croatia, and once the first goal falls, more goals may follow.

prophecy: Spain 3, Croatia 0

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  • Croatia wins (90 minutes): +575
  • Croatia advances: +260
  • Lucky draw (90 minutes): +280
  • Spain wins (90 minutes): -167
  • Spain advances: -335
  • Spain won with zero: +140
  • Spain -2.5 target spread: +100
  • Spain-1 Asian Handicap: +107
  • Spain’s Alvaro Morata scored: +185
  • The total number of goals exceeds 2.5: +114


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