Christmas in Jamaica is a special experience.

This is an opportunity to enjoy a vacation without shoveling snow, but laying back and relaxing on a tropical beach. In this Caribbean island nation dotted with rainforests, mountains and white sandy beaches, you can have a lot of fun while listening to the beat of local reggae music and gulps down fresh seafood.

Traditional Jamaican Christmas is a festive mix of unique Jamaican traditions and typical Christmas traditions.

How do they celebrate Christmas in Jamaica?

Jamaica is a great holiday destination to celebrate Christmas. Christmas celebrations in Jamaica look a lot like Christmas in North America, with Santa, presents, Christmas trees and tons of carols, minus the snow and cold we get up from the north.

During Christmas, the radio stations play Christmas carols, people hang decorations, and the island is filled with a festive atmosphere.

For many Jamaicans, Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. As in many other countries, radio stations play carols throughout the Christmas season, and you’ll often hear Christmas music while shopping or wandering around the island.

Many Jamaicans paint their houses for the holidays and hang new curtains and decorations for Christmas. Most families spend Christmas at home with friends and family.

Is Christmas a good time to visit Jamaica?

If you don’t mind the crowds, Christmas is a great time to visit Jamaica. The weather is great, hotels and restaurants are open and ready to open, and there are plenty of Christmas festivities to enjoy.

When is the Jamaican Christmas holiday?

jamaica written in the sand

In Jamaica, you can often see signs of Christmas as early as November, when shops start decorating and stocking Christmas goods.

Christmas Eve in Jamaica is celebrated on December 24th. This is the day Jamaicans traditionally visit the Great Market and visit from Santa.

Christmas is a major day for family celebrations and Christmas dinners. Although Christmas is a public holiday across the country, most restaurants remain open.

Like the Brits and Canadians, Jamaicans traditionally celebrate Boxing Day on December 26. Like Christmas itself, it is also a public holiday.

What’s the weather like at Christmas in Jamaica?

Christmas coincides with what most people consider to be the best weather in Jamaica.

Daytime temperatures are around 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius). The wind is generally calm and the water is warm.

Christmas dinner in Jamaica

During the Christmas season, family and friends gather for an often elaborate Christmas meal.

Christmas dinner menus vary by house, but traditional meals include roast beef, curry goat, honey pineapple Christmas ham, stewed parkland, chicken or fried fish. Side dishes include rice and sweet peas, as well as a fresh salad.

christmas drinks

Christmas food in Jamaica doesn’t stop at the main Christmas meal.

Popular Christmas drinks include rum, eggnog and sorrel.

Sorrel is probably the most popular Christmas drink. It is often called roselle, sultan or black tea. Sorrel is made from the Jamaican sorrel plant, which is a member of the Hibiscus family. It’s made by pouring boiling water over fresh sorrel and accented with grated ginger, bell peppers and cloves. It is then soaked for several hours and mixed with sugar, rum or wine. It is served cold, usually with ice.

Jamaican roselle tea sorrel
Jamaican roselle tea sorrel

Jamaican eggnog is served hot, mostly at Christmas breakfasts. Adults sometimes add brandy or rum.

Christmas breakfast in Jamaica

Jamaican Christmas breakfasts are traditionally served with eggnog. Ackee made with salt cod and salted fish served with toasted or fried breadfruit is a popular choice for Christmas breakfasts. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and boiled yams are also common.

Jamaican Christmas Cake

Jamaican Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings are popular in the country. Christmas cake made of cherries, plums, raisins and almonds. It’s common for the whole family to spend the whole day baking for Christmas, and cakes are often given as gifts.

Jamaican Christmas Traditions

Christmas Jamaican style is familiar to Europeans and North Americans, with some unique Jamaican touches. There are Christmas trees and carols, but Jamaica also has unique traditions like Jonkunnu.

Jonkunnu is one of the oldest traditions in Jamaica, dating back to at least the 1700s. It’s a unique Jamaican experience that blends African masked dance and British drape.

Visiting the Great Market is a tradition for many Jamaicans. The Big Market is not so much a place as a kind of market that takes place in an island town. It’s a large market, usually set in a crowded street, closed to traffic, and accompanied by dancing and music for shoppers.

For many Jamaicans, Christmas is a time for church services, regardless of denomination. You can find midnight mass in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches on Christmas Eve.

couple wearing santa hats on the beach

While Christmas carols appear to be waning in the US and Canada, they’re all the rage in Jamaica. In the early morning days before Christmas Eve, churches and community groups gather and pass through most of the rural communities.

In the island’s larger towns, tree lighting is a tradition, usually accompanied by fireworks, carols, gift-giving and speeches by local government officials.

Sharing gifts is an important part of Christmas in Jamaica. Families exchange gifts, colleagues exchange gifts, and provide Christmas gifts to state-run institutions and vulnerable community groups.

Does Jamaica have a Santa Claus?

Yes, Santa Claus visits Jamaica. In Jamaica, Santa Claus is better known as Santa Claus or Chris Klinger. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus leaves presents for children under the Christmas tree.

Jamaican Christmas Music

Jamaican Christmas songs range from traditional carols to reggae to popular will find something like Mek Di Chrismus ketch yu good mood By home T., Christmas behind bars Gregory Isaacs, and Santa Claus (have you been to the ghetto) by Karin Davis.

christmas carol

Jamaicans mix traditional Christmas carols such as silver bell, little drummer boyand unique carols.Popular Jamaican Christmas carols include Toasted breadfruit over an open fire (by Yeloman), Irie Christmas (by Five Tigers), and Warm Jamaican Christmas (Wayne Wonder and Baby Cham).

Fun facts about Christmas in Jamaica

Jamaica has a lot to see and do, especially during the holidays.

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How to say Merry Christmas in Jamaica?

In Jamaica, the official language is English, but many Jamaicans speak a Jamaican dialect.

Merry Christmas in Jamaica is pretty much the same as in North America. Jamaicans say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

The Jamaican dialect is an English-based Creole language spoken in Jamaica. In Jamaican dialect it is Merri Crissmuss.

What is Christmas in Jamaica called?

Christmas in Jamaica is called Christmas, but you will occasionally hear Christmas or Happy Holidays.

christmas in jamaican songs

Toni Braxton (feat Shaggy) Christmas in Jamaica song. Their lyrics begin:

We'll be having fun
Under the golden sun
Christmas in Jamaica here we come
We'll just sail on, just sail

Jamaican Christmas Movies

If you’re looking for a Jamaican Christmas-themed movie, the choices are pretty limited.

Movie The romance of the reindeer hut, Starring Nicky Whelan and Josh Kelly, it airs on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. It has a 6.4/10 rating on IMDB.

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