This is probably the coolest of SpeedKore Dodge Charger Build, which says something because SpeedKore has been established A lot of overly cool charger In the past.

Why is it the coolest? Two reasons. One, it is a mid-engine, with a Hellcat motor behind the front seats.Second, it’s like a charger driven by Dominic Toretto. The “F9” movie just releasedSpeedKore calls it “Hellacious”, which is an appropriate name for crazy construction.

By convention, this SpeedKore is built and used completely carbon fiber body.However, Sean Smith Designs continues to work hard to make it look more aggressive than previous versions, adding an extensive Body kit Many modifications have been made compared to what SpeedKore usually does. The huge rear glass ensures that you can see the 707-horsepower beast sitting there. And no, This hellTon The motor has not been modified-it still produces the same power as the factory.

However, almost everything around the motor is far away from the factory. SpeedKore asked Magnaflow to weld a custom exhaust system to properly route it around the engine. A new radiator and intercooler are needed to ensure adequate cooling. Transmission is special.This is a grazio transaxle Lamborghini Gallardo, SpeedKore adopts gated shifter design to be loyal to the Italian spirit.

All this is based on a new frame designed by SpeedKore.many Aftermarket The company provides suspension components with high processing capabilities. SpeedKore said that the QA1 dampers it uses have been adjusted to the track as its performance goal.Huge Brembo six-piston caliper handle brake In the front, while the four-piston Brebos caught in the back. The staggered tire setting and the 275-knot wide front wheel and 345-knot wide rear rubber give it a super aggressive attitude.

There is no frills inside. A simple bucket seat (no headrest!) is like your chair-at least you have Simpson racing safety belts to keep you in place. The meters with the correct cycle are saved in the dashboard. Other safety features include a rear firewall, because of nonsense, and an integrated roll cage on the body.

SpeedKore did not say that it will only manufacture this car, so we now treat it as a one-off. We have no doubt that a few people will be willing to pay large sums of money for such a build, but it is now up to SpeedKore to decide.

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