Van Diesel quickly a legendary person, Dominique Torreto, There is a thing Classic Dodge Charger (And family-it’s a whole).So, it’s not surprising 1968 Charger Appeared in the latest quickly the film, F9However, what is surprising is that this classic muscle machine has the engine installed behind the cabin. You will remember that the original charger from ’68 puts its engine in the nose.

Yes, Dom drives a mid-engine charger from 1968 F9What is amazing is not only the location of the engine. Thanks to the visionaries of SpeedKore, they equipped this charger with a modern 707-horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter “Hellcat” V-8.Then, in order to really put a cherry on this crazy cake, SpeedKore used this big bend eight with a transaxle from Graziano To Lamborghini Gallardo.

This shift lever charger called “Hellacious” is a real street high-performance vehicle that brings the magic of a big screen to the apron. Hellacious is not a stunt car with budget parts to make up for its inevitable damage. No, this is the real deal.

Therefore, SpeedKore must also struggle with real-world problems to make Hellacious the road machine it is today. Although the car’s customized intake and exhaust components help the Hellcat engine to generate tremendous power, neither of them can keep the supercharged behemoth properly cooled. To prevent overheating, SpeedKore installed a radiator from Saldana in front of Hellacious. It also installed a number of rear intercoolers at the rear of the car to ensure that the engine’s 2.4-liter supercharger can take in cold air.

The improved handling benefits from the double A-arm front suspension from Detroit Speed ​​and the double wishbone rear suspension from Race Car Replicas. The shock absorber and new steering rack provided by the QA1 bring additional flexibility to this powerful Mopar. In addition, Brembo’s set of six-piston front calipers and dual four-piston calipers helped Hellacious stop.

Although the inherent performance of Hellacious is eye-opening, it can be said to be second only to the appearance of the Charger, which has a history of more than 50 years. The 18-inch wheels, carbon fiber body panels, flared fenders and a large glass rear window from HRE reveal the huge supercharger of the engine, all of which complement the classic charger shape of the car, including a set of hidden large Lights, quad taillights and steel bumpers.

Excessive, exciting, and certainly expensive creation. Is Hellacious a simulation of a car? quickly legend? Now, if we can think of a way to control this beast.

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