Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said he is “very satisfied” with the Premier League stadium running at maximum capacity at the start of the new season.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of all blockade restrictions from July 19th. This move will provide a huge boost to football clubs across the UK, which have either had no fans or received numbers since March last year. Strict restrictions.

Huddleston stated that the impressive vaccination promotion is the key to another step towards normality-adding that the return of fans in the stadium will help kick-start the economy.

When asked about the fans returning with maximum capacity, Haddleston told Sky Sports News: “I am very satisfied with this.


Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said that entering the Premier League stadiums is not legally required to carry a COVID passport, but warns that clubs can still require spectators to follow their own set of health guidelines

“I am satisfied with this because the vast majority of the British public will be vaccinated, which will have a huge impact.

“This does not mean that you can be immunized. People still need to stay sane. If you have symptoms, please do not go out and continue testing. If you are detected, you must self-isolate.

“So we still have certain systems and precautions to minimize the risks there. But we have reached this stage, and given the incredible sacrifices made by everyone in the country, it is time to start returning Life is more normal.

“As the Prime Minister said,’If we can’t open up now, when we have achieved such success in the vaccination program, when can we open up?’

English fans at Wembley against Germany


MP Nigel Hadleston said that everyone in England is proud of the achievements of Gareth Southgate’s team so far, and believes that after everyone has gone through difficult times, sports let people Unite more closely

“We need people to go out, we need sports events to start, not only because they elevate the mood of the country, but they employ hundreds of thousands of people and are the main economic contributor to the British economy.

“NHS, our schools, our roads-they can only get paid for the taxes paid by economic activities. We need to make the economy work again and people need to be free again.

“In the past few months and a year, we have imposed restrictions out of necessity, but now it is definitely time to save the benefits because of the sacrifices made and the vaccination program has been a huge success.”


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