Audi’s The upcoming Q6 E-Tron has been found to be tested on public roads in Europe, wearing a body that looks like a production specification, but still in full camouflage.Expected to be a 2023 model in 2022, this new electric SUV will be compatible with Q5 In Audi’s premium passenger car lineup.

Despite the camouflage appearance, we can see the relatively steady lines of Audi lurking below. Except for the two visible character lines, the sides look relatively unengraved, and the tilt of the rear window implies that it is the only obvious shift from the practical SUV-like rear box. The warning sticker on the windshield offers it as an electric prototype (like no exhaust pipe, but hey).

Q6 E-Tron should be very closely related For the upcoming Porsche Macan EV, we also Seen in the wild Many times in the past year.Two people can ride public The Group’s Advanced Platform Electricity (PPE) architecture, Audi and Porsche Joint development to support one of the large electric vehicles.Both will feature 800V fast charging technology This is expected to significantly reduce charging time.

We will learn more about Q6 E-Tron in the second half of 2021 before it is expected to debut next year. It will join the Q4 E-Tron, E-Tron GT and two variants of E-Tron (SUV and Sportback) in the Audi EV product portfolio.

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