If you already In the past few days, anywhere near the Internet, you may have heard that a sequel is coming soon The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Nintendo released a 1.5-minute game trailer during E3 last week. As soon as it aired, everyone was there. Twitter It seems to be talking about exactly the same thing. Game players immediately began to pick each scene to find clues and discuss what they might mean. It’s fun, and then it’s done. This is the problem of buzzing. Once it is over, there is no other way but to calm down before the game is released.

However, the thing is this: Patience is a virtue. Game players need to learn to wait.

The most unknown secret in the industry is that AAA games are usually unfinished. The first day’s patch is important for a reason-these games are so large that there is actually not enough time in a day to fix everything that needs to be fixed.This is why Tighten It has become the rule of game development, not the exception. (This is so common that you work 40 hours a week Ratchet and Clank: Rift Valley development team Become news.)

Gamers need to reduce the pressure on the studio and provide perfect games on demand. It’s okay to have high expectations for AAA games, but developers should not be afraid of Twitter’s anger just because they need to postpone the release date.

A few days ago I realized that I was part of the problem because I lamented the gap between the two Horizon zero dawn with Horizon Forbidden West. The former has been released for more than four years, and although the sequel is scheduled for this year, the release date has not yet been determined. But even if there is a five-year gap between them, it doesn’t matter.A great, almost error-free 50-hour experience should It took so long to create. I would rather wait for a presidential term to get a solid sequel than get a flawed and faulty sequel in two years. A game can arrive quickly, or it can arrive intact-you can’t have it at the same time.

Disagree with me? Let’s look at an opposite point: Assassin’s Creed series. Each part is a large open world game containing countless side tasks that may take hundreds of hours to complete. They arrive about once every two years, and usually when they arrive, they are definitely a mess. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Have a Bugs that ruin the game That took Five months repair. not only, The game feels aimlessA game with a compact storyline, clear goals, and clear goals is much better than a game that is just because people expect it to be long and long. another example? Cyberpunk 2077. CDPR Developer Received death threats When that game was delayed, in the end, they released a game That’s obviously not ready yet. Yes it Yes It’s disappointing when the studio delays the game or there is a huge gap between releases, but in any of these cases, the delay will be better than it will eventually happen.

I’m not saying that this culture is entirely the gamer’s fault-top studios have enough money and the ability to set expectations. But saying that fan rights is a big issue in this industry is not a groundbreaking revelation. Perhaps learning patience will help the entire game culture.If everyone is tired of leaky game releases-and I am one of them very much Tired of defective game releases-then all of us should learn to wait for better games. While you are waiting, it is not that there is not a large backlog of games to play.

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