Stratis aims to make Blockchain technology accessible to every organization. The user-friendliness of Stratis makes the project very popular among Blockchain enthusiasts.

In this article we look at why Stratis is so popular and how the STRAT price is doing. In addition, we will discuss the usefulness of the Stratis coin and the factors that can help you draw up a good Stratis forecast for the future. What will the Stratis crypto do?

What is Stratis?

Stratis makes it possible for enterprises to easily build applications on private blockchains. It is a development platform that, through the Stratis API framework, enables organizations to accelerate their own creation of Blockchains. In addition, they ensure that developing a Blockchain can be done so easily.

Stratis mainly focuses on the financial companies, but in principle any company could use Stratis. For example, they work together with Earth Twine, a fishing company.

The aspect that makes STRAT so revolutionary is that the blockchain applications can be programmed with C# and that they use the Microsoft.NET framework.

When a company wants to build an application on the Stratis network, they make it on a sidechain. This allows companies to build their own application without having to worry about blockchain infrastructure. This is Stratis’ concern.

Any transaction that takes place on a sidechain has no effect on the Stratis blockchain itself. As a result, Stratis avoids long waiting times for transactions. Ethereum, for example, has had a lot of problems with this. The amount of transactions they had to process on their network due to the many ICOs caused long waiting times.

If Stratis continues to develop and they ensure that more companies connect to their network, this can turn out to be very favorable for the Stratis price forecast.

What does the Stratis rate do?

The Stratis coin (ticker STRAX, formerly STRAT) was initially sold through a token sale held in 2016, before the big ICO boom. A Stratis crypto was then sold for $0.0073. The current Stratis price is at a value of $ 0.746808.

If we look at the price on coinmarketcap, we see that the token has been listed for a while. As of August 15, 2016, crypto investors could buy the STRAX coin on the open market, at the time for around $0.014. We see the first really big increase in the bull market of 2018.

Highest point in history is at a value of $ 22.77 (January 8, 2018). That is now about 1674 days ago. Just under $1 million was raised during the token sale and the market cap now stands at a total value of $ 104,541,810. With that value, Stratis is in place 277 of the largest crypto projects.

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What is the Stratis forecast 2022 – 2027?

The Stratis team has a lot of influence on the STRAT course. Fortunately, the team consists of experts in the field of Blockchain and the C# programming language. This programming language is relatively easy to understand and is in the top 5 most used languages.

Stratis also provides the opportunity for companies to launch ICOs. As a result, they compete with Ethereum, which therefore experiences problems with the transaction speed. It sounds like a logical step since the companies that start an ICO can also immediately use the Stratis sidechain, which is many times faster than its competitor.

This ensures that Stratis will be used more, so that the STRAT price can also shoot up.

Stratis uses the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. This means that when you store your purchased Stratis in their own wallet (Stratis Core) you automatically create STRAT coins. This way you help Stratis and ensure a passive income.

There are many other Blockchain companies that do the same as Stratis. Whether they will ultimately remain the big boy they are now is the question that will be answered by the future, but with strong management and a lot of expertise in this area, things are looking positive. Moreover, the market is so huge that multiple Blockchain companies can continue to exist.

If STRAT keeps the competition in the rearview mirror and if they succeed in attracting companies to their platform, this will work out well for the STRAT price and this leads to a high Stratis crypto expectation.

Historical Price for Stratis

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Where to buy Stratis?

The STRAT coin is easy to buy through Bitvavo. Before you buy the coin, it is wise to keep in mind that predicting the STRAT price is not a fixed science and no one knows for sure. Do your own research before you buy STRAT.

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The latest Stratis news

Hopefully on this page I was able to tell you a little more about the important factors to consider when preparing the Stratis forecast. The use case and goal the project focuses on are all very important. The latest source of information is the Stratis news.

By following this carefully, you can quickly see in which direction the project is heading and how active the team is still. The latter is best checked on the twitter page.