This Cooperation among Japanese automakers It’s a far cry from the Europeans or the Yankees. Asians see these connections more as opportunities for growth and learning than competition. There are examples that can be cited across all periods and fields, but where they are most often united are in two categories: kei cars and sports cars. and show a button: double clone made by Toyota and Subaru Because it’s mid-range.

we mean Toyota GR86 (called GT86 in its first generation) and Subaru BRZ. Ten years ago, both saw the light, because it was in 2012 that they appeared in society. While ten years may not seem like much, they apply to segments that have yet to experience a good commercial moment.To keep us from turning our backs on it, they’ve taken it out of the hat Special Limited Edition “10th Anniversary Limited”

Subaru BRZ “10th Anniversary Limited” sales won’t exceed 200 units…

Subaru BRZ 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 6

The Taurus’ hometown, the Subaru BRZ, has chosen to give it a unique touch.His Toyota brothers followed in his footsteps and vice versa, but The distinction has its own detailsFirst and foremost, their bodywork features the same WR Blue Pearl hue that their models and more sporty pieces wear. Also, for a sportier look, the mirrors and brand logo are finished in black.

To complete its look, it has a An exclusive anagram indicating which version we are before. The changes are also noticed when going to the passenger compartment, although they are small. The most obvious impact is on upholstery or door sills, as they have special finishes. There will also be no shortage of the same anagrams to increase its level and exclusivity. Finally, the leather extends to the steering wheel, dashboard, and specific styling of the dashboard.

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Subaru BRZ has been unveiled, although it won’t arrive in Europe

Where the Subaru BRZ “10th Anniversary Limited” hasn’t changed is in its mechanical 2.4-liter Boxer block retains the same configuration and final power. That is, it achieves performance up to 230 CV and 250 Nm par Managed by a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. In all cases, this power always reaches the ground via the rear axle, with all-wheel drive unavailable.

When you see it, you may be wondering when is it going to be sold? Can you go to Spain?Well, the order for this BRZ is already open, though Subaru says it won’t sell more than 200 units. To determine who is the lucky owner of it, it is enough to arrive from the first batch, as it will be in a strict order of arrival. Forgot to see it in our country, because it would be even less if the “normal” version was no longer sold … alas, you don’t think …

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