Subaru Some new fleeting glimpses have been released Forester Wilderness in their social media channels.They also gave us a reveal date, telling us when we can expect the Forester’s stronger brother: September 2.

For the record, Subaru is still shyly calling it the next wilderness model, although we are very clear that it will become the Forester.if Spy photos, Original trailer with EPA’s subsequent leak Not enough, the trailer released by Subaru this morning clearly shows the Forester’s taillights and rear silhouette.If you squint, you can even recognize the word “Forester” along the side skirts in the iconic copper-colored highlights of Wilderness colour.

However, the new trailer also confirms that Forester Wilderness will have many of the special features we saw in the game. Inland Wilderness. Based on Subaru’s nose close-up Post to twitter, We can see a new grille, which avoids the chrome decoration of ordinary foresters.Instead, we get a new grid of interlocking black hexagons, such as inland area wilderness.

The picture and the video posted To YouTube, Showcasing a new and more robust bumper with integrated fog lamps. It is black instead of body color, and if there is anything to pass through in the inland wilderness, it will give the vehicle an improved approach angle.One thing that seems to be missing from the bumper is the copper-colored lid, which can be affixed to it drag Hook, just like inland wilderness.

From this video and another clip Post to twitter, We can confirm that Forester Wilderness will also have matching black wheel arch cladding and side skirts to make the car look more rugged.this Inland Wilderness With unique shock absorbers, springs, wheels and tires, the ride height can be increased by 0.8 inches. It’s difficult to determine if Forester Wilderness is riding higher, because the video shows it squeezing around on the trails, but we won’t bet.

Speaking of wheels and tires, Forester Wilderness seems to get a new black five-spoke. Like Outback Wilderness, these rims are wrapped in white letter Yokohama Geolandar A/T tires. This is a return to the original Outback and should provide extra grip.

We doubt the forest people-and the new WRX -It was originally scheduled to be unveiled at the New York International Auto Show today. Subaru plans to hold two press conferences. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was suddenly cancelled, and Subaru chose to move the display.Forester Wilderness will make its debut on September 2nd, a Subaru spokesperson told Automatic blog WRX will also make its debut in early September.


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