Subaru Just released the 2022 recall notice Impreza (Cars and hatchbacks) and warn against driving vehicles.Your Impreza It may or may not be part of the recalled population, the number of recalls is very small, only 802 vehicles. However, the problem is serious.

According to the recall document, these Imprezas “may be equipped with a left front lower control arm, improperly welded near the connection joint between the lower control arm and the beam.” Such poor welding may cause the control arm to separate from the beam while driving, which is of course you Don’t want things to happen.

Subaru said that if the welding fails, “the tire may make good contact with the wheel and cause loss of control.” Of course, this may cause an accident. Subaru’s investigation revealed that the equipment on the control arm assembly line was damaged, which eventually interfered with the welding gun, causing it to track incorrect welding paths and incomplete welding.

The affected vehicles are identified by the batch number of the lower control arm.Subaru knows which Impreza can install a broken lower control arm, so it’s recall Those cars that may be affected-the notice letter to the owner will be mailed on September 3. If the part is determined to be defective, Subaru will replace it with a new one.

Before the recalled Impreza was repaired, Subaru told the owners of these cars not to drive them.You have to arrange with your people Local distributor Own vehicle Towed away Yes, but Subaru says it provides mobile inspections in certain areas, so check first before experiencing the trouble of towing. According to the usual recalls, all the above matters will be fully borne by Subaru, and customers will not need to pay any fees.

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