The faculty and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have just ended a fierce struggle to vote for Nikole Hannah-Jones’s lifetime tenure, and they are resisting efforts to overthrow the campus principal.

At the emergency meeting of the faculty committee on Wednesday, faculty chair Mimi V. Chapman presented what she said was multi-source evidence to prove the push to remove Kevin M. Guskiewicz from the flagship’s top position. Chapman said a source who did not want to be named contacted her. “They are shocked that the meeting they are attending is collecting the name of the interim prime minister.”

“The main point of the meeting is not if this is the case; it is When That’s the situation,” Chapman said.

With the threat of leadership change pending, the council passed a resolution on Wednesday affirming its “confidence” in Guskiewicz and strongly opposed the “seriously destabilizing” prime minister.

Chapman was worried about what she heard. She said that she had contacted Guskiewicz and Dean Robert A. Blouin on Sunday. “By then, they had heard the same information from different but similarly located sources.”

In recent weeks, Guskiewicz Involved in a dispute Hannah-Jones is a Pulitzer Prize winner and was hired as the Knight Chairman of Race and Investigative Journalism without a tenure.The protracted battle that forced the campus board to vote on her term ended last month Split vote on Hannah Jones, But she decided not to go to Chapel Hill.

In the public statement about Hannah Jones, Guskiewicz did a good job. Guskiewicz said he wanted Hannah-Jones to join the faculty Did not criticize the campus board Postpone voting on her term application. The appointment and term of Hannah-Jones was controversial, partly because she was the lead author of “Project 1619,” a series of articles on American race and slavery. New York Times Magazine This caused an attack from conservatives.

In a statement provided chronicle On Wednesday, Guskiewicz said: “I focus on leading UNC-Chapel Hill, not on rumors. I am committed to working with our trustees and continuing to build strong partnerships to best serve North Carolina.”

Chapman’s sources told her that there are two possible interim prime minister candidates: Clayton Somers and John Hood. Summers is the Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs and University Secretary of Chapel Hill, and was the former chief of staff to Tim Moore, the Republican Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives. Hood is chairman of the John William Pope Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Hood, in an email chronicle, Said: “Professor Chapman’s accusation made me completely unexpected.”

Summers did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment on Wednesday.

Chapman cited further evidence that might overturn Guskiwitz, saying that she spoke with another faculty member who was “close to a specific trustee” on Wednesday, who heard directly from the trustee about the principal’s “performance Will be evaluated in the next few days”. (Chapman did not specify the identity of the faculty or trustee.)

Chapman believes that the campus board of directors held a meeting on Wednesday without a live meeting, and the new trustees publicly stated that they wanted extensive discussions on the term of office.

Chapman said: “According to my estimation, it is a lot of smoke, because there is no fire.” “I firmly believe that this is not the time for our campus leadership to change.”

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The legislature controlled by the North Carolina Republican Party appointed a council of the North Carolina system, which has the power to remove the principal on its own or on the recommendation of the system chairman. Policy ManualThe board will need to consult the Chapel Hill board, whose members are appointed by the system board and the legislature.

Peter Hans, chairman of the university system, said in a statement statement to News and Observers People should focus on the mission of the university instead of chasing conspiracy theories. (System officials did not provide further comment on Wednesday.)

Guskiewicz is the former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on campus. After serving as the interim principal for 10 months, he was appointed as the permanent principal in December 2019.He was at the helm during Chapel Hill Efforts to resume face-to-face teaching failed Last fall semesterHis tenure also overlaps with the national racial reconciliation felt strongly in Chapel Hill.Controversy about one’s fate Confederate Monument The words that once stood on campus continue to echo in Chapel Hill, and the crisis surrounding the black Hannah Jones has Heightened concerns about racial equality.

When the faculty committee deliberated its resolution, several professors expressed concern that if they expressed support for Guskiewicz out loud, it would conceal some professors’ complex and negative feelings about their leadership, especially after the Hannah-Jones case. No one voted against the resolution, but about a dozen members abstained. The committee includes dozens of elected members from every school and its library on the campus.

The resolution recognizes that support for Guskiewicz is uneven, acknowledging that “the principal must make a decision that not everyone agrees to, and that there are differences among faculty and staff on the best course of action.”

“Our prime minister is not perfect,” Chapman said. “There are some things we might want to see or hear about him doing different things, but he is someone we know. Many of us have served him for many years, and he cannot take office at a more difficult time.”


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