Samia Suluhu Hassan came under fire for suggesting that female football players would not be attractive candidates for marriage.

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan has come under fire for remarks that female football players have “flat chests” and imply that they will not be attractive candidates for marriage.

Hasan made the above comments at a ceremony on Sunday to celebrate the national men’s team’s victory in the regional football championship. Ironically, she also called for better funding for women’s sports.

“For those with flat breasts, you might think that they are men rather than women,” she said at Sunday’s event.

“If you look at their faces, you might think… because if you want to get married, you need a charming person, a woman with the qualities you want.”

She added that for female football players, “these qualities have disappeared.”

Hassan took office in March after the sudden death of her predecessor John Magafuli. She is the only female head of state in Africa to serve with Ethiopian President Sahel-Walker Zudd, whose role is mainly ceremonial. .

“Today, when they brought the trophy to the country, they made us proud as a country, but if you look at their future life, when their legs are tired from the game, when they don’t have health to compete, live What will happen? Are they still alive?” she said.

“Marriage is like a dream for them. Because even if one of you takes them home as your wife, your mother will ask if they are a woman or a man.”

Hassan’s comments were widely ridiculed on the Internet.

“President @SuluhuSamia’s comments on female football players are a humiliation to all women,” said Catherine Ruge, the leader of the opposition Chadema Women’s Party and a former member of Congress.

“All women deserve respect.”

Maria Sarungi, founder of the civil society organization Change Tanzania, agrees.

“So everyone who cheers for the female president…@SuluhuSamia is discrediting female football players because they have a’flat chest’ and therefore lack the attractive features required for marriage. You must be proud of @AWLNetwork,” she was tweeting In particular, it refers to the African Women Leaders Network.

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