According to a statement, Target will pay tuition, miscellaneous fees and textbook fees for employees who wish to pursue associate degrees or undergraduate degrees at certain institutions starting this fall. announcement From the company on Wednesday.

Full-time and part-time authors can participate in 250 approved courses in more than 40 schools, colleges and universities, CNBC ReportTarget will also provide subsidies of up to US$10,000 per year to workers who wish to obtain a master’s degree in these institutions. Employees are eligible on the first day of work.

Target plans to spend a total of $200 million on this program over the next four years.

After Wal-Mart took similar measures last week, it launched a debt-free education program.Walmart Announce Its educational assistance program will cover all tuition and book costs starting on August 16, instead of maintaining its previous payment of $1 per day for participating employees.

Both Target and Walmart plans manage Guild Education is a for-profit company that aims to promote its employees to obtain employer-subsidized certificates.

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