Obtaining a new set of box braids, no matter the length, will activate a truly unparalleled bad bitch. When you step out of the date, you know that you look good, even if your scalp is a little hurt because of tension. This Bachelor girlActing co-host Tehia Adams She definitely proved this with her new brown and golden waist braid.

For this hairstyle show, Adams did not make his debut with a series of selfies. Instead, in her Instagram video posted for 1.8 million fans, she decided to walk down a block in a big way while throwing her long braid on her shoulders.This Bachelor girl The season may need to wait, because she may only need to bring her talents to the runway. When she follows the tune of Miami rapper Saucy Santana’s “Walk”, you can see the golden box braids scattered all over. In the end, her huge smile was the icing on the cake.

These braids are definitely a modification of Adams’s usual straightened hair.Although the black 1B color is a popular choice for box braids, she chose to look like Brown and platinum Kanekalon braided hair, Probably to imitate her own prominent honey blonde.

These may not be the longest box braids we have seen, but the ends stop below her waist, creating a long but manageable style.The size of each braid is also perfect-small but not too small write it down It will feel like eternity.

Although this video is very popular, Adams definitely needs to give us some selfie photos of fresh braids. Fans need some cute photos so they can take them to the knitting machine on the next date.We don’t know how long she will keep these Blonde Braid, but we do know that she will look very beautiful in them-hope they grow long enough This Bachelor girl.

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