Tesla recently concluded its 2022 Artificial Intelligence Day event, where it revealed many important things related to artificial intelligence. No new cars were shown during the event, but we did preview Tesla Bot, which is a humanoid robot that the company actually plans to make, but we will talk about it later.

Currently, all new Tesla models are equipped with a fully automated driving (FSD) computer, which provides the processing power required to enable Autopilot.This is the same as radar-free and camera-based Tesla Vision hardware package Capture information about the car’s surroundings and send it to the most important artificial intelligence software, which determines how the car should approach the driving situation without driver input.

Despite the marketing name, Fire department It is only rated as SAE Level 2 automation, so when the system is unable to cope, the driver still needs to be prepared to take over. Of course, Tesla is working hard to achieve the coveted Level 5, that is, the car can drive automatically under any conditions without driver intervention.

This is certainly not an easy goal, because traffic behavior is extremely complex, especially for AIs that must be trained to handle various situations. Therefore, AI needs to learn from a large amount of data for different driving scenarios, which is not a big problem for Tesla, because today’s customer fleets on the road can record millions of kilometers of driving distance, regardless of whether Autopilot is enabled.

When artificial intelligence software meets specific standards or requirements, it will be promoted to customers’ cars through wireless updates.Through the new software used in conjunction with the hardware, more features and functions can be provided to the car owner, which can enhance the functions of Autopilot and FSD as a whole over time

However, before sending any news, Tesla must ensure that it has considered all possibilities based on real-world conditions, which requires training the AI ​​model based on the collected data. To this end, the company launched a new D1 chip on AI Day, which will be used in its new Dojo supercomputer system to continue its pursuit of vertical integration.

The chip is manufactured using a 7 nm manufacturing process and has a processing capacity of 362 teraflops and 50 billion transistors, enough to process data. The company said that 25 chips are used to form a “training block”, of which 120 blocks will be packaged in multiple server cabinets to provide more than $10 billion in power.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Dojo should be put into operation next year, and the reason for chip production in-house is to increase bandwidth and reduce latency for better AI performance. By having as much technology stack as possible, the company can also reduce the possibility of bottlenecks.

All the processing power and advantages will be used to train the AI ​​model to identify various items from the video source collected by the Tesla car camera, so that the training AI becomes more effective and has more functions. The company said these strategies helped it eliminate radar sensors from cars and even showed how the technology can improve its autonomous driving systems.

Musk pointed out that its supercomputer technology can be used in many other ways, and Tesla is willing to open up other interested automakers and technology companies. This brings us to the Tesla Bot, which aims to show how the company’s advanced technology can be used in applications other than cars.

There is no prototype available yet (Musk said it might be launched next year), so we can only see a Tesla employee dancing on stage in a suit, but the renderings are indeed reminiscent of Will Smith Scenes from 2004 movies I am a robot, It has artificial intelligence and humanoid robots.

“Basically, if you think about what we do with cars now, Tesla can be said to be the largest robotics company in the world, because our cars are like semi-intelligent robots on wheels,” Musk said at the event. Basically, all of Tesla’s development is packaged into a humanoid, but the purpose is to “eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.”

The first thing you need to know about Tesla Bot is that it’s very friendly, like Honda’s Asimo is, So you don’t have to worry about its brutal rampage, unlike I am a robotSecond, although it has a height of nearly 173 cm and 40 electromechanical actuators, it is not particularly fast-the maximum speed is only 8 km/h. “We set it up so that at the mechanical level, at the physical level, you can escape it and possibly suppress it,” Musk joked.

With the end of Artificial Intelligence Day, it is clear that Tesla has its own vision for autonomous driving technology and is approaching it in its own way. With D1 and Dojo, it can now accelerate the development of its FSD and Autopilot systems, the former still in the testing phase, bringing it closer to providing level 5 autonomous vehicles. As for the Tesla robot, we hope that artificial intelligence will obey Isaac Asimov’s three laws.

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