After much anticipation, Tesla officially released Fully automatic driving The subscription package is priced at US$199 (RM839) per month for cars equipped with Basic Autopilot and US$99 (RM417) for cars equipped with the now discontinued Enhanced Autopilot package.

The new subscription service is an alternative to Tesla’s one-time payment of US$10,000 (RM42,180) charged by FSD, adding more driver assistance features to the standard Autopilot system. These include autopilot navigation, automatic gun change, automatic parking, call, smart call, and traffic light and stop sign control.

By accessing FSD in a cheaper way, customers will be able to test some of these features without paying huge upfront fees. All new Tesla models are equipped with an FSD computer (also known as HW3.0 or hardware version 3.0) as standard to allow these functions to be used when activated.

For early owners of vehicles without HW3.0, such as cars with older HW2.0 or 2.5, they can still subscribe to the FSD plan, but they need to pay US$1,500 (RM6,327) for hardware upgrades. If they choose the one-time option, HW3.0 will be the standard configuration.

Tesla recently announced several updates to its Autopilot, including switching to Tesla Vision hardware package The forward radar sensor was abandoned. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also stated in May that FSD Beta 9.0 will be released in the next few weeks.


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