Tesla Model S complete overview

What Tesla’s predictive shift does and doesn’t do

The official name of the system is Auto Shift Out of Park (Beta), which is an accurate description, as is the term “guess” used by Musk. The idea is that when you power up the Tesla (there is no ignition key or power button; you just need to press the brakes), the car will know whether to move forward or reverse when you leave. You only need an automatic direction selection, because once the car moves, the direction selection is entirely up to you.

Let Model S change by itself

The thing is like this, when did it start: open the car, close the door, fasten the seat belt ( 2022 Model S You are prompted to enter the last two). If the car can predict the possible driving direction, it will prompt you to tap the brake pedal to choose whether to drive or reverse. If the car cannot decide-or the system is not available-it will prompt you to change gears yourself on the touch screen. The latter needs to apply the brakes and slide the car icon up or down, which in itself is very smooth.

We tried a variety of situations, including parking in a stall, parking at the front or rear of the car facing the garage, wall or curb, parking in parallel with the car in front or behind, or just pulling over and parking on the side of the road.

In about three-quarters of the scenes we tested, Auto Shift worked as advertised: Model S prompted us to engage the (correct) gear and asked us to tap the brake pedal to confirm its selection. When the system does not work, it will prompt us to use the touch screen shifter to choose our own direction.

When it went wrong, how much did it go wrong?

The system chose the wrong direction in three cases.When we parked behind one of them in parallel One billion Toyota Camry On the streets of Los Angeles, cars want to choose Drive. We gave it the brake pedal it requested, and Tesla did allow us to move on to the Camry.However, when we repeat the same scene and stop behind the grid Little brother, a Tesla Model 3, The car needs to be reversed for correct recognition.

In a parking lot, after we successfully reversed from a place against the wall, we parked the car in the middle of the parking lot, and there was nothing before and after. We could have pulled forward, but the automatic gear shift prompts us to move back. Finally, when we retreated to a position, the car wanted to shift to reverse gear-but when we stopped to take a photo on the phone, Model S changed our mind and prompted us to choose Drive.

Wrong, but not dangerous

We should emphasize that the 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid never tried to move in the wrong direction (or the right direction) on its own. The system will prompt the driver which gear to choose, but unless the driver takes a clear action (tapping and releasing, rather than depressing the brake), it will not actually do this-even if we allow the Model S to select the wrong gear The car didn’t move until we stepped on the accelerator. In other words, there are no accidents—at least there are no accidents that could cause a collision.

Hiding in our own car

To be honest, getting the system to work accurately when we want it is the biggest challenge.Documents on the function of automatic shifting out of parking Model S User Manual Very thin, so we can only guess how to trigger the system. Auto Shift seems to work only once per drive; if we stop without stopping, we must choose our own gear.

In fact, we found that the only way to use Auto Shift is to turn off the car, lock the car, and move out of the remote control key detection range. To outsiders, we must be like a bunch of lunatics-adults hiding in a big blue car ask each other: “Do you think it knows we are here? Maybe we should move to a farther place so that it can Would think we are leaving.”

Is Auto Shift Out of Park a valuable feature?

So, what do we think of Auto Shift Out of Park (Beta)?Well, as we said before, this is the answer to a question that no one has asked before—but hey, we can’t expect us to come up with Every problem. Frankly speaking, this is a very cool feature, and Tesla seems to have set enough safety measures for it to avoid disaster. (Thanks​​, we imagine, for Bad news about the crash of Tesla’s autopilot.)

At this point, many new cars no longer need to manually turn on the headlights, wipers or high beams, so why is the gear shifting different? With a slight improvement, Auto Shift Out of Park, like many things that exist in Teslaverse, may—perhaps should—become the trend of the future.

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