The robot is It’s not true at all. Or it is very real, depending on whether you believe that reality is closely related to physiology, or whether you think that the whole reality is simulation. In other words, this robot is actually a human cosplay humanoid robot.

robot Shuffle the cards on stage During the Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day yesterday afternoon, a self-driving car function and slide show called “Multi-scale Feature Pyramid Fusion” was demonstrated for three hours. The big news of this event is the new custom AI chip used in the data center and the supercomputing system called Dojo.Later in the live broadcast, the founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk Revealed that Tesla is Work on this robot. People listened because of Musk. Then they laughed because of the robot. But the joke is on them.

After the first stiff arms and arthritis, the robot began to dance. The fan fiction is over soon. Only a living person can achieve such a smooth Charleston. The fabric of the robot’s all-white jumpsuit, matched with the unexpectedly fashionable boat collar, creases as the robot dances. The human robot had a great time. so fun. (“Are the robots… Grimes?” I asked an editor.) Musk drove them off the stage.

“robot will It’s real,” Musk told the audience at Artificial Intelligence Day during his iconic laughter. “Sometime next year, we might have a prototype that basically looks like this. “The presentation was terrible-obviously. Musk is deceiving us. Robots that have not yet become robots are a gimmick, a way to get people who don’t usually follow Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day to talk about Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day. This joke It is hierarchical: Musk’s guarantee for the future implies the fact that the humanoid robot is not real at all at present, even if the person in the robot equipment is real; the humanoid robot in the past Yes Really, it will eliminate the humans who built it.

“It will be very profound,” Musk said. “Because if you say, What is the economy? Fundamentally speaking, it is labor. “

Will the humanoid robot ship with its screen, artificial intelligence chip, 8 cameras, 40 electromechanical actuators, and proportions suitable for the model? who knows. Musk’s bizarre demonstration revealed the truth of many new technology demonstrations: they are a trick, a vision of a future storyboard connected by digital tape.

Anyone who has been to the annual CES in Las Vegas understands this.Reality is suspended Scroll display, Smart exoskeleton, Cleaning robot, with Self-driving car All this seems to be good, but it is rarely sold. In 2016, Magic Leap released a video clip of a virtual whale frolicking on the gymnasium floor, set to boos and boos from children in the stands.This is also A trick. Samsung has Show SLR photos In the fake demonstration of its “smart phone camera”.Apple’s recent technology demonstrations are more cleverly artificial-suggesting a lifestyle that only a small part of the world’s population can sustain, which is very promising. Seamless Continuity between gadgets-but the first iPhone demo It’s a scam.

Tesla’s own electric Cybertruck debuted in November 2019 Smash the first demo. Its release has been postponed to 2022.

Of course, some of these products can indeed be shipped, and At the same time every yearExcept for epidemics and global chip shortages. However, this is seldom what technology manufacturers sell to you in their presentations, just as a friend would not “they be very punctual” when trying to schedule a date for you.

What they are selling is a bright future, perhaps a bridge across the Valley of Uncanny. The technology they sell to you will only make your person sexy if you just accept what they tell you. If only you had this joke. The dancing robot demo is not real, but it will be. Robots are real, but maybe one day they won’t.

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