Although my goal is to create a cultural environment that is conducive to tolerance and fairness, it is necessary to correct the history of several harmful expressions, prejudices, and inequalities that have hurt me, blacks, Africans, and albinism, respectively. Indescribable tension. My media experience needs to manage all kinds of racial discrimination-my albinism is based on skin color, and it is based on black Africans based on race and country. In the process of trying to solve or convey these complexities, the hard struggle of language makes me feel exhausted.For example, there is no word to describe the special cross-bias of black people with albinism, similar to Misogyny Note the prejudice against black women in particular. Violence, attacks, persecution, myths, abuse, racist theories and negative stereotypes specifically targeting black albinism overwhelm people’s optimism. Although this is the reality of being a woman in a highly racialized group, it also gave me a broad cross-shot and cultivated my radicalism.

When i see myself ‘S cover Fashion PortugalI made history with my golden African hair, thick lips, golden eyebrows and eyelashes, and my broad nose. I added my mother’s Zulu earrings to one of the photos-I tried to better control My performance and my story-I took a sigh of relief and felt the temporary disappearance of tension. I realized how difficult it is for all the identities within me to build an alliance to hold them.

Albinism has taught me the politics of various colors and how a person can be super-visible, but their human nature is largely invisible. When I moved from magazine covers to policy discussions and global leadership platforms, I tried to remember the essence of what my mother gave me on the day I was born: She gave me independence, sovereignty, and agency of my experience, and the right to see The world is for myself. If the good doctor only knows that I do see colors, even if the world may be dark, we will find allies, tribes, unity and cooperation to help us re-engrave the rainbow-filled narrative on the vitality of our bodies until we are filled with all kinds of colour.

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