If i go out Approximately, I didn’t have a bag hanging on my body, and I felt naked and unprepared-like venturing into a dungeon without any health potion. What if I need lipstick, do I bring lipstick? How to put the mobile phone, key and face shield into the short pocket of jeans? Where do I put the cool stone I just found? Additional storage capacity is essential for my daily carrying, and being able to put the bag to the front and grab whatever I need is essential.

Backpacks are more suitable for heavy loads or all-day hiking, but for light daily needs, there is nothing better than a messenger bag, a sling bag, and a convertible waist bag. Over the years, I have tested dozens of them, and these are my favorites.

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Update September 2021: We added Savage EDC 2 and Lo & Sons Pearl.

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