The tenth annual New York Design Festival will be held this year from May 10-20, attracting thousands of creatives to New York City. Look forward to design fairs, group exhibitions and consulate-organized events celebrating the innovations of international designers.

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The City Council initiative​​ first established NYCxDESIGN in 2012. Officials decided to hold the event in May to build on the success of already well-known New York design events such as ICFF and WantedDesign. Last year’s festival, held in November, included 120 events and 263 participating organizations across all five boroughs of New York City. This one could be bigger.

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At Inhabitat, we’re particularly excited about the May 14 panel “The Future of Design: Sustainable Design and Digital Wellbeing”. Designers Laura Hodges, Tucker Robbins, SinCa Design, Marco Baga and Natalia Mirabito will have a panel discussion at the Tom Dixon store from 2-3pm. Hodges is inspired by her Jamaican, Norwegian and English roots to create beautiful green spaces. Robbins also has many international influences, with artisan furniture workshops in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Guatemala and the Philippines, all using sustainably harvested or recycled materials. Baga is committed to zero-waste design, and SinCa, Connecticut-based furniture has been featured in top design magazines. Mirabito, founder of NM Marketing Co., will host the presentation.

Organisers hope the festival will return to pre-Covid attendance. The 2019 festival drew more than 300,000 visitors and generated $111 million in revenue for New York City. Between Covid and the transition from a city-led initiative to a nonprofit at the end of 2020, the festival is getting back on its feet. But designers and organizers have high hopes that the tenth annual arts festival will bring it back to the top. If you’re a designer or someone who appreciates cutting-edge design, you won’t leave NYCxDESIGN uninspired.

via ArchPaper, NYCxDESIGN

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