gender Pillow It’s been around for a long time, but thanks to a viral TikTok video (which has since been removed, but can still be seen here), these multifunctional furniture are getting a well-deserved return to the spotlight.Yes, any regular pillow will do technically Can be used for sex, but if you need firm back support during a date in Cirque du Soleil style, you can’t expect a super soft down pillow.

Whether it’s missionary, doggy, or whatever new position you and your partner are testing out, these pillows provide what you need, says Megan Fleming, a New York City-based sex and relationship expert at Lovehoney Extra support to relieve tension in your back, hips, hips and neck. Since they are thicker than regular bed pillows, these gender-specific cushions and wedges are perfect for people with limited mobility. Having said that. Dr. Fleming pointed out that anyone can and Solo sex.

There’s no wrong way to use a sex pad or wedge pillow, but Dr. Fleming says a good way to incorporate it into penetrative sex is to have the penetrative partner place it under the lower back to elevate the hips. “The pillow provides lower back support and creates a great angle for pleasure and deep penetration,” she says. For anal sex, you can simply place your belly down on a pillow or wedge for the same effect.

Now that you’ve got the intel, it’s time to buy a new piece of sex furniture for your bedroom.Below, see all best sex pillows Whether you’re dabbling in co-op or single-player, this will help you find all the right spots.

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