Located in the beautiful English countryside, Wiltshire is a charming county to explore while exploring the United Kingdom.Most importantly, it’s close at hand Roman City Bath Even from London, and also. So, to help you find the best places to visit in Wiltshire, I want to share some of our favorite attractions.

You see, Wiltshire is not only amazing, but it also has some of the most iconic historical sites in the world. This is a place full of thousands of years of history, quirky attractions, and beautiful towns and villages.

Now, we always find it easier to explore Wiltshire on road trips. In this way, you can reach some smaller, less connected, completely idyllic attractions. That being said, if you don’t drive, you can easily catch a train or bus to some of the best locations in Wiltshire.

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Check out the best Wiltshire attractions below. Have an amazing time to explore!

1.) Lacock

In the beautiful Cotswold village of Lacock... (18)

Just like Castle Combe, Lacock It is one of the smaller (but very gorgeous) villages in Wiltshire not to be missed.

For centuries, Lacock has not changed at all. Time seems to stand still, as if back to the 1600s!

When you stroll through Lacock. Enjoy afternoon tea at King John’s Hunting Lodge. Their tea garden is everything! Also, be sure to visit the manger barn and stop at Lacock Abbey.

Since Lacock is very small, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. So let the streets take you around until you are satisfied.

You can easily spend a short afternoon here. We like it.

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2.) Marlborough

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Located in the North Wessex Hills in Wiltshire, Marlborough is a beautiful small market town worth a visit. This is a small town perfect for an afternoon stroll, and it is well worth spending a few hours walking through the quaint streets.

Upon arrival, be sure to visit the historic Merchant House This can be traced back to the 1600s. Today, you can watch the restored silk merchant’s residence and get a good idea of ​​what life will be like.

It is easy to miss if it is hidden, so be sure to pay attention to it when walking on the high street.

After that, book a table Rick Stein Enjoy delicious evening food. Yes, it may be more expensive than most other places in town, but the food is very good.

Oh, don’t forget, you can easily visit the Neolithic site West Kennett Long Trolley nearby. It’s amazing to see things thousands of years ago.

In addition, if you like to walk around the woodland trails nearby, head to Savernake Forest.

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3.) Salisbury

The best things to do in Salisbury

Salisbury Definitely one of my favorites British cities, Especially all its history. Trust me, once you arrive, you will quickly understand what I mean.

Stonehenge to Salisbury-the beginning of our great British road trip!  (26)

Upon arrival, the first port of call must be Salisbury Cathedral. It is easily one of the best cities in England, towering above the city.

Not only that, but one of the best-preserved copies of the Magna Carta since 1215 is also inside; you can see it! Although the Magna Carta itself does not allow photography, you can browse and view the protected texts, which are spectacular. In addition, you might even find the oldest working bell in the world (near the nave).

Looking for more? Go to some other iconic attractions in Salisbury, such as Mompesson House, Museum, Arundells and Wilton House.

Finally, when you leave Salisbury, You can jump over to see Old Sarum. This is an Iron Age hill fortress that has been occupied for thousands of years.

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4.) Qom Castle

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Probably my favorite place in Wiltshire (Shhh, don’t tell anyone else), Qom Castle It is a historical and quaint small village to visit. Honestly, it looks like it fell from a movie scene!

Castle Combe has thousands of years of history and has long been a settlement ideally suited to explore today. When you stroll down the main street, be sure to have a drink at the Castle Inn and find the medieval Market Cross (a place used by traders).

Afterwards, take a look at Castle Combe Church and discover the iconic Water Lane Street.So beautiful

Want to stay longer? Book a room at The Manor House. A gorgeous era property, so comfortable and inviting. We like it.

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5.) Avebury

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Although very small and comfortable, Avebury is a village full of history.

The National Trust Museum (with beautiful gardens), the iconic Avebury Manor, and then enter the family-run cafe on the main street.

Don’t forget to explore the stone circle that dates back to the Neolithic Age (between 2500 and 2000 BC). It is considered the largest in the entire continent, and sometimes forgotten in place of visiting Stonehenge.

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Speaking of Stonehenge, you can also visit Silbury Hill from Avebury (just outside the village). The chalk mound is part of the wider Stonehenge complex and is an artificial mound protected by UNESCO and is said to be the largest in the world.

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6.) Stonehenge

Stonehenge to Salisbury-the beginning of our great British road trip!  (18)

Stonehenge is one of the most visited places in Wilshire, famous for its iconic history.

Dating back thousands of years, these stones are incredible to walk around and visit, especially on sunny days. Having said that, it can get very busy at certain times of the day. If you want to avoid most crowds, please visit in the morning or before closing.

Stonehenge to Salisbury-the beginning of our great British road trip!  (15)

We always walk through before closing, you almost have your own circle!

Finally, on certain days, Stonehenge will tour the stone circle.These run before the official opening of the website and need to be booked on British Heritage website.

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7.) Cotwater Country Park

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Cotwater Country Park is not far from nearby Swindon (not strictly speaking Wiltshire) and is one of the best places to relax.

This is a large country park, great for picnics, you can walk around and you can also find a children’s play area. The park offers some amazing views and you can sit and relax.

Spend some time walking around Coate Water on the edge of Wiltshire, which is easy to visit when you travel on the road in England.

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8.) Stourhead

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Stourhead is located in beautiful countryside and is one of the best attractions on the western edge of Wiltshire.

There is a vast garden area for you to explore the Stourhead Gardens, an idyllic 18th-century landscaped garden not to be missed.

When you stroll the trails and trails, be sure to stop at the Temple of Apollo, visit the Gothic huts and grottoes, and explore the wider Pantheon.

In addition, you can also visit the gorgeous house!

Later, if you have time, you can head to King Alfred Tower (technically just on the border of Somerset. This is a great place with 360-degree panoramic views, originally used as the wider Stourhead Manor Built in part.

9.) Eford Manor Garden

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Ilford Manor Gardens is not far from the city of Bath, it is well worth driving there bath to Salisbury.

Historically, this beautiful garden was built by architect Harold Peto and is now open to all of us for everyone to enjoy and explore. On a sunny day, it feels like walking in a Tuscan country garden, very beautiful.

It may take about 1-2 hours to visit Iford Manor Gardens. This means that this is the perfect stopping point for stretching your legs.

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10.) Cranborn Chase

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

As you drive east, Cranborne Chase overlaps with several different counties and is very easy to visit Southampton.

When in the area, be sure to explore the ruins of Old Wardour castle dating back to the 1300s. Not far from Shaftesbury (just across the border), this is a spectacular sight.

In addition, it is easy to visit the Longleat mansion of the Elizabethan era. It is located in the northern part of Cranborne Chase and is well worth a visit. They even have their own drive-in safari park.

11.) Bradford on Avon

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

Bradford-on-Avon is located on the western edge and is one of the best places in Wiltshire for half-day trips.

After arriving here, wait and see in the comfortable Bradford of the Avon Museum. Yes, it is small, but for a museum, size is not everything. This place is full of exhibits.

Afterwards, head to the medical tithe barn for a stroll. It is considered to be one of the largest existing medieval barns in England.

In addition, for a delicious lunch, book a table at The Bunch Of Grapes. It has a lovely menu of classic British cuisine. Their sticky toffee pudding is everything.

12.) Cherhill White Horse

Best places to visit in Wiltshire

One of the oldest white horses in Wiltshire, Cher White Horse Very iconic. It is said to be built in the 1700s and it is one of the best places in Wiltshire, where you can see the unique history of some of the counties.

It’s really easy to visit from Calstone and Cherhill Downs, and it’s not far from Lacock. This means that it is easy to visit after spending some time in the village.

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