No matter what time of the year, it can make you glow with health and radiance, Cream blush Is your best choice. Unlike most powders, these butter formulas give the skin a noticeable, radiant glow, mimicking the effect of a jog on the beach for an hour or a luxurious facial.Because cream blushes usually contain oils, they are more moisturizing than powder blushes and won’t bother you Dry spot Or highlight Texture area Skin.

Cream blush is not easy to apply.Although some are stick-shaped and some are canned, the truth is the same: just apply directly from the bullet and mix it with your fingers, or use Beauty sponge or Point brush To obtain higher accuracy. Whatever you do, it’s hard to mess up, especially considering that most cream blushes are sheer (but buildable).Pro tip: if you overuse intensity, just use Foundation Brush Or sponge to diffuse the color.

Makeup artist creates blush, “drunk blush” style makeup Carissa Ferreri Previously recommended to use rose-colored cream blush (or gel) formula. “Emphasize the blush on the cheeks, just like under the eyes, then spread out any rough lines,” She explained. Makeup Master Joseph Carrillo It is also recommended to “smile and apply color in the center of the apple” and then gently fade the edges.

I want to know which cream blush makes Lure cut?Keep scrolling to find our 19 favorites, including affordable ones Best Beauty Award The winner of his debut on the runway New York Fashion Week And the innovative double-headed stick Mario Divanovich (You know, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist).

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