This Customization comes from The boom of the 1970s was huge, but relatively few survived. They are unlikely to be taken by collectors, and their original owners are not the kind of people who only drive them to church on Sundays. All of this makes this 1974 Ford Econoline, only 873 miles from the new most unusual time capsule.And it is now on sale On eBay cars, Provided by Classic Car Mall.

Purchased a new one from Miller McVeigh Ford of Pennsylvania State University in November 1974. This Econoline was priced at $6,791.02. The sales slip shows that the original owner is Larry A. Brown, and his Econoline Custom 100 is equipped with a 302 cubic inch V8, three on-tree and high output heaters.

In addition, it is decorated in a complete 70s style, equipped with an 8-track stereo, Cragar slotted magazine, side tubes and bubble portholes. Stripes of flame design surround the exterior, as well as the necessary murals. In this case, there is a psychedelic mountain view with a dead tree in the foreground. It is foreseeable that the interior is shaggy, and considering the ultra-low mileage, water may never have been splashed on the carpet.

Shockingly, this customized treatment is not the result of the vision of some artists fueled by cacti.Instead, it comes from Aftermarket van up-fitter Turtle Top, called Terrapin, “swinging turtle”, “designed for busy young people!” (And, yes, the brochure is one of the included documents, along with the original sales slip.) Turtle Top is still in business today-unfortunately, shag lined trash cans are no longer produced. Instead, it uses van chassis to make minibuses.

At the time of writing, the bid was $20,100, which is still below the reserve price. But there are still six days. Definitely cooler than any #vanlife Sprinter, this Econoline is now the time to swing.


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