Lego’s continuous dedication Cool models of equally cool cars Keep adding 2022 Ford F-150 RaptorThis is a Technic kit, so although the shape may be slightly off, it makes up for it with interesting functional details.

The bright orange plastic pickup consists of 1,379 pieces and is 16.5 inches long. The body has openable doors, hood and tailgate, and under the hood is a small V6 engine with moving pistons, just like real. It is all suspended on a chassis with real shocks and springs. The suspension settings seem to be quite accurate, with independent front suspension and a solid rear axle at the rear. It also has a functional steering function, which can be controlled by a small wheel on the roof for easy maneuvering on your desk or floor.

The retail price of the kit excluding tax and shipping is $99.99.It can be used Book now on the LEGO website. Orders will be shipped in October 1Please note that each LEGO family can only accept orders for a maximum of two kits.

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