After being on sale in Europe for more than a year, Three Electric Audi E-Tron S is ready to debut in the United States in standard and Sportback formats.We know they are coming, but We have been waiting Detailed information about prices and specific ranges in the United States. As for the price, E-Tron S skips the basic Premium decorations available on ordinary E-Tron, leaving Premium Plus and Prestige. E-Tron S Premium Plus starts at US$84,800, excluding the US$1,095 destination fee, and is US$85,895 before the option-which is US$10,000 higher than the regular E-Tron Premium Plus. The E-Tron S Prestige is priced at US$90,085 after the destination, which is US$10,700 higher than the top decoration of the regular E-Tron. The decoration name has been changed from Prestige to Chronos in 2022.

The E-Tron S Sportback starts at US$88,495, which is US$9,400 lower than the non-S version. Upgrade to Prestige, the price difference increases to 10,100 US dollars, E-Tron S Sportback sells for 93,495 US dollars.

One 95.3 kWh Battery Battery packs powered from dual charging ports provide services for the entire product line. As one might expect, the E-Tron S gave up a few miles of performance, with an EPA rating of 208 miles instead of 222 miles for the S. The Sportbacks are only 6 miles apart, and the E-Tron S can travel 212 miles when charged, while it can travel 218 miles without S.

The reward for losing a few miles comes from appearance, handling and speed. Due to the quadruple wheel arches, the body is about two inches wide. Compared with standard similar products, these are the only S models in Audi’s entire product portfolio that use a wide body. Unique front and rear bumpers provide more sporty style than before. In fact, they make the E-Tron look more like a gasoline engine vehicle, with many perceptible openings and vents in the front. The black grille on the blue E-Tron further enhances aggression. The rear of the E-Tron S is not as smooth as the standard E-Tron, with many prominent creases and elements, all of which reflect its sporty characteristics.

The specifications justify the hatred.US The details have been broken down here, The summary is that the buyer obtained 429 horsepower and 596 pound-feet of torque in a steady driving. Two independent rear motors provide most of the movement, and the front motor will not work until it is required to rotate for acceleration and processing requirements. Then, standard adaptive air suspension, front brake-based torque vectoring and rear mechanical torque vectoring, and standard 20-inch wheels manage the huge hustle and bustle. The driver-controlled boost mode can enter the beast mode for 8 seconds to provide 496 horsepower and 718 pound-feet of torque. Audi stated that 60 miles per hour occurs in 4.3 seconds, and 130 miles per hour is the electronically limited terminal speed.

The optional Black Optic kit can use 21- and 22-inch wheels on summer tires, but if equipped with such equipment, the cruising range will be reduced. The E-Tron S with Black Optic equipment can travel 181 miles on a single charge, and the E-Tron S Sportback with the package has a rated driving range of 185 miles.

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