The rich in California, rejoice!It turns out that you will be able to buy the brand new 992 generation brand Porsche 911 After all, there is a GT3 with a six-speed manual transmission in Golden State.If you missed it, due to California’s outdated noise regulations, it looks like Porsche will not be sold Whether it’s the taste of its latest high-performance GT3 (the original winged version or the wingless, stylish Tourism model) In the largest market for automobiles.

Also, you can’t simply buy a three-pedal GT3 in Nevada and then register the car in California.For nearly a week, it looks like there is no 2022 GT3 Suitable for Hollywood or Silicon Valley studios. The following is Porsche’s preliminary explanation of why GT3 violates California regulations:

“We strive to provide as many options as possible to meet and exceed customer expectations-this even extends to our most focused model, the 911 GT3, which provides a wider range of personalization options than ever before. At the same time, we must fully accept And respect the national and local guidelines of each market-not only in the United States, but all over the world. Unfortunately, this excludes the manual transmission option on the California 911 GT3 because the sound is being updated with the rules. We are at the time of launch The updated rules have been expected, but the process has not yet been completed. The seven-speed PDK option has been fully certified. Manual transmissions will continue to be available in states other than California.”

What exactly is it used to be problem? Glad you asked. “The problem is focused on the outdated testing procedures that still exist in California highway patrol regulations. It is called SAE J1470, and its history can be traced back to 1992, when manual cars may have four to five gears. It has been Replaced by a new and more modern program called SAE J2805 from May 2020. The previous test is no longer current (and the 911 GT3 will not pass), and the latter test has not yet been adopted by California-which means we It’s in the middle position, so it’s not possible to register the car’s manual form now in California.”

All in all, the SAE test for autonomous driving allows the vehicle to travel at a certain speed optimal Gears, and this nearly 30-year-old SAE J1470 reg says that the manual must be in fourth or fifth gear at that specific speed, which makes them too loud for the rules.

But that was a few days ago. During this period, Porsche and the California authorities worked out a solution. This is the latest update from Porsche:

“On June 11, Porsche Motors North America received a notice from the California Highway Patrol, which outlined their existing test procedures (SAE J1470, starting in March 1992) were out of date, but it was not certain that Porsche would be allowed to test with manual transmissions. The box passed the modern test procedure (SAE J2805, from May 2020). Discussions with the regulatory agency continued, but without a solution, we made the difficult decision to notify the dealer of the manual option California will no longer be available because there is no way to legally register a car in the state. We communicated this on June 15th, which coincided with the plan to announce the 911 GT3 Touring package. PCNA thanks the California DMV and California Highway for their response and helped quickly determine Proper regulation is the way forward. The 911 GT3 will arrive in the United States in the fall and will join the other 16 models in the Porsche series. Three pedals are designated.”

All those who are waiting are a good thing.

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