Calculating and listing the NFL’s highest paid players is an imprecise science. There are many indicators for measuring contracts, and since NFL transactions are largely not fully guaranteed, many people believe that guarantees are the most important thing.

If we are talking about guaranteed funds, then Josh Allen ($150 million) will have the cake. If we talk about basic salary year after year, then Jimmy Gallopolo ($24.1 million) is the leader of the clubhouse, believe it or not. In terms of total contract value, the $450 million transaction of Patrick Mahomes dwarfs everyone else.

In other words, for the purpose of this list, Sports News is using average annual salaries to rank the NFL’s highest paid players. The unique feature of the NFL contract is that the guarantee and base salary vary from contract to contract. Therefore, the average annual salary paints the most accurate picture of the league’s income prospects.

The following are the highest paid players in the league in 2022. All salary information comes from Spotrac.com.

  • Annual salary: 45 million USD

    The 25-year-old Mahomes entered the last two Super Bowls and won one. During his career, the average number of pass yards per 16 games was 4,931 yards, 41 pass touchdowns and 8 interceptions. It seems that the Chiefs will not soon regret giving him the most lucrative contract in the NFL-10 years, $450 million.

  • Annual salary: 43 million USD

    The 25-year-old Allen signed a contract in August 2022 that will pay him an NFL record of $150 million in guarantees. He has made significant progress in each of the three seasons, and led the Bills to the 2020 AFC Championship, while pitching 4,544 yards, 37 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He added another 421 yards and 8 TDs on the ground.

  • Annual salary: US$40 million

    The 28-year-old Prescott played only 5 games in the 2020 NFL season, and then he sprained his ankle, but he was almost in the lead in the 6,000-yard passing season. He did not achieve much success in the playoffs, and achieved a 1-2 record in three playoff games, but the Cowboys are counting on his progress in this regard as they rebuild their defense.

  • Annual salary: $39 million

    The 25-year-old Watson leads the NFL in 2020 passing yards (4,823) and passing yards per attempt (8.9).Sexual misconduct and sexual assault. It is unclear when (or if) he will play again.

  • Annual salary: 35 million USD

    Wilson, 32, has been one of the most consistent players in the NFL since the Seahawks drafted him in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The former North Carolina State University and Wisconsin quarterback has never missed a starter in nine seasons. During his career, he averaged 3,772 passes per season, 30 passes and interceptions. The number of times is 9 times. He won the Super Bowl in the second season and was named the 2020 Walter Payton Person of the Year.

  • Annual salary: 33.5 million USD

    Rogers is 37 years old and is the oldest player in the top 10. He is about to end the 2020 MVP season. He completed the NFL’s highest 70.7% of passes, 4,299 yards, the league’s best 48 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. He will stay with the Packers in 2022, although he persisted for a while in the offseason, hoping to plan a deal.

  • Annual salary: 33.5 million USD

    Unlike Rogers, the 26-year-old Gove did not ask for a deal. However, he was traded to the Lions and several future first-round picks to send Matthew Stafford to the Rams. Gove has averaged 4,215 yards, 25 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in every 16 games of his career, but he needs to prove that he can succeed without Sean McVeigh in Detroit. Even under McVeigh’s leadership, Gove was inconsistent.

  • Annual salary: 33 million USD

    32-year-old Cousins ​​was taken to Minnesota to help them through the storm. He didn’t do this, but he did make a career-high 35 TD passes last year. However, what followed was 13 interceptions-also a career high-and only a 7-9 record. Cousins ​​has a career score of 0.500 as a starter and a record of 51-51-2.

  • Annual salary: $32 million

    The 28-year-old Wentz was traded to the Colts this offseason after a terrible season in 2022. In this game, he led the league in interceptions (15 times) and came off the bench. Jalen Hurts. He is reunited with Frank Reich-the latter coached Wentz in the 2017 MVP-level season-but he is also dealing with preseason foot injuries, which may cost him some time in the regular season.

  • Annual salary: 30 million USD

    In the past 10 years, Matt Ryan has pitched at least 4,000 yards a year. During that time, he only missed one game and led the Falcons to the Super Bowl after winning the MVP in 2016. The 36-year-old Ryan will work hard to help the team rebound after the 4-12 season, tie the worst single season and set a season record in his career as a starter.

  • Annual salary: USD 29.5 million

    Since escaping from Adam Gas in Miami, the 33-year-old Tennyhill has achieved an 18-8 record in the regular season as a starter and led the Titans to the AFC Championship. He also has a TD-INT ratio of 55 to 13. This helped him get a four-year contract, paying him nearly $30 million a year.

  • Annual salary: 27.5 million USD

    Garoppolo has become San Francisco’s main starter for three consecutive seasons. In 2018, he was injured after three games and was absent for the whole year. In 2019, he performed well and led the 49ers to the Super Bowl, even though they lost to the Chiefs. In 2020, Gallopolo struggled with injuries again, only playing six games. Now 29 years old, can Gallopolo return to his 2019 state? Or will he be selected by the 2022 NFL draft pick Trey Lance with the third overall pick in the first round?

  • Annual salary:US$27.3 million

    Hopkins is the first non-quarterback on this list. In his first season in Arizona, he scored 1,407 receiving yards and set a career high with 115 receiving yards. Obviously, the 29-year-old is still one of the best receivers in the NFL. Do you think Texans regret trading Hopkins for David Johnson and second-round picks?

  • Annual salary: 27 million USD

    Stafford spent the first 12 years of his career with the Lions. Now he can join the impressive offensive team of Sean McVeigh and the Rams. The Lions will never be able to properly build with Stafford as the center, but he is still a stable and efficient quarterback. He is cheaper than the Rams’ previous starter Gove, so if the 33-year-old Stafford can stay healthy and continue to play at a high level, then the price tag looks like a good deal.

  • Annual salary: 27 million USD

    The 26-year-old Bosa is the only defensive player to make it into the top 15, but for good reason. He is a great sacks artist and has averaged 12 sacks in every 16 games in his career. He is the best player in the Chargers defense. When Bosa transforms from a 4-3 defensive end to a 3-4 outside linebacker, it will be interesting to see what the new coach Brandon Starley can do with him.

  • Annual salary: USD 25 million

    Compared with other quarterbacks in the NFL, Brady has always been a bargain. He has seven Super Bowl rings, but in his career, his income rarely exceeds $25 million. This is one of the benefits of marrying the world-renowned supermodel Gisele Bundchen-his net worth is higher than Brady. The 44-year-old Brady completed 65.7% of his passes last year, completed 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns. He has 12 interceptions, which is his highest number of interceptions since 2011, but he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

  • Annual salary: USD 25 million

    The 30-year-old Karl is a solid value in the quarterback market. In his position with Brady, he is tied for the 14th highest paid player, and Karl sometimes plays like the top 12 quarterbacks. He has not won a playoff game, nor has he fully recovered the magic of the 2016 season, when he led the Raiders to a record of 12 wins and 3 losses before breaking his leg. Despite this, he has only missed two games in his career, last year with 4,103 passing yards, 27 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions.

  • Annual salary: USD 25 million

    Garrett has been promoted throughout his NFL career. The No. 1 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft has a total of 42.5 sacks in four NFL seasons. He averaged 13 sacks in every 16 games. In his career, he also had 10 forced turnovers. He may be the best passer in the NFL, so of course he is worth the money, especially considering that he is only 25 years old.

  • Annual salary: 23.5 million USD

    Since 2015, Mike has been selected to the Professional Bowl six times in a row, and has been selected to the full professional three times. In three of his seven NFL seasons, he had at least 5 turnovers, and in the past six seasons, he averaged 11 sacks per season. He was consistent and showed no signs of slowing down when he was 30 years old.The Raiders have a reason Selling regrets after trading Mack in 2018.

  • Annual salary: USD 23.01 million

    The 33-year-old Williams defeated David Bakhtiari by a narrow margin and became the NFL’s highest paid offensive tackle. His annual salary is only $10,000 higher than the blind block of the Packers. Williams skipped the 2019 season and got involved in a quarrel with the Washington football team’s front desk, but was traded to San Francisco in 2020.Get a total score of 91.9 from Pro Football Focus.

  • Annual salary: USD 23 million

    Bakhtiari has been selected as a full-professional player for the Packers twice in the past three years. He was fired only once in 12 games last year. He tore his ACL at the end of December, so he may not be ready to start this season. In other words, the 29-year-old player should eventually return to the game and continue to be one of the best blind-side interceptors in the NFL.

  • Annual salary: USD 22.5 million

    The 30-year-old Donald has been selected as an all-pro player for six consecutive seasons. In three of the past four years, he won the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year award. He has never less than 8 sacks in a season, and he has recorded the highest 20.5 sacks in the league at the defensive tackle position-only 22.5 times better than Michael Strahan (Michael Strahan) The sack record is missing twice. This is the production of the elite, so he is the 22nd highest paid player and the 4th defensive player with a steal.

  • Annual salary: 22 million USD

    In seven of the past nine seasons, Jones has received at least 1,198 yards. In the two games he did not participate in, he missed a total of 18 games. Jones may be 32 years old, but he is still one of the deepest threats in the league and leads the NFL in receiving yards twice. It will be interesting to see his performance in his first season with the Titans.

  • Annual salary: 22 million USD

    The 27-year-old Tunsil only allowed two sacks last year, although he played for the Texans, this season’s record is 4 wins and 12 losses. He is a powerful left tackle, and he should continue to maintain this state in his prime.

  • Annual salary: 21 million USD

    The Colts traded Buckner with the 13th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and they certainly do not regret it. The 27-year-old Buckner is a full-professional player in 2020. He has been sacked 29 times in the past three years. It is not easy for an inside defensive forward player to do this, so this is a feat worthy of praise.

  • Annual salary: 21 million USD

    In his first five NFL seasons, Williams completed a total of 17.5 sacks. Last season, he broke out and recorded 11.5. The 6th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft is still only 27 years old, and it should continue to be a threat to the Giants’ defensive line.

  • Annual salary: 21 million USD

    Lawrence, 29, has long been a very good passer and has remained healthy for the past four seasons. After missing a total of 16 games in the first three seasons, he has not missed a game in the past four seasons. During that time, he averaged 9 sacks per season.


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