shampoo It is a beauty essential product that seems as old as time. But with the development of technology, personal preferences and ingredient innovation, the formulations are constantly evolving.Gone are the days of regular use Sulfate, Degreasing, one-size-fits-all hair cleanser, only suitable for a few Hair texture. Not only the updated format-such as Shampoo stick, Powder, and foaming shampoos — become more and more widespread, but you can almost customize your Washing day Experience to meet the changing needs of your hair.More importantly, the many new options available also eliminate bulky and redundant bottles waste water.

The average bottle of shampoo contains 80% water-but more and more brands are reducing H20, or cancel it completely. Eliminating or minimizing water use “reduces the weight of the product, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions during transportation,” said co-founder Anna Cummins. 5 roundabout, A non-profit organization focused on curbing plastic pollution. “It also reduces the need for plastic packaging, [since] Dry products can be packaged with paper or materials that do not require waterproofing. And it can concentrate the product, so the dosage is small and the effect is good. ”

Powder and foam shampoo It can help us pay more attention to environmental protection in our daily beauty process, and in some cases, it can also let you refresh your hair after shower.Positive concept Dry hair lotion It’s nothing new, but the water-free or low-water options can provide the same level of deep cleansing as the liquid formula-without rewetting your entire head. We have collected some of our favorite new shampoo formulas to make your hair cleaning experience just like leaving the salon.

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