In the area International cybersecurity, “Dual Use” Technology Human rights can be affirmed, but human rights can also be weakened. face recognition It may identify a missing child, or make anonymity impossible. Hackers can save lives by leaking key information about terrorist attacks, or authorize dictators to identify and imprison political dissidents.

The same is true for gadgets.your Smart speaker Makes ordering pizza and listening to music easier, but also helps tech giants Track you more intimately And target you more ads. The GPS of your mobile phone can not only tell you where you are, but also pass this data to advertisers, and sometimes it can pass this data to advertisers. The federal government.

Tools can usually be purchased for one purpose and then used for another purpose over time.

These subtle changes are so common that when Conservative Think Tank in Nevada Last month it was recommended that teachers be forced to wear body cameras to ensure that they do not teach critical racial theories. I think this is absurd, offensive, and totally feasible.The body camera is designed to monitor the police, but also Used by the police to distort facts Their encounter with the public.

A few days later, after Fox News critic Tucker Carlson, the “camera” became popular on Twitter Agree with this idea. The anti-CRT teaching bill has been Iowa, Texas, And my hometown, Arkansas, continue To gain momentum. Now, I am a little expecting that these bills include funding for equipment, because there is really no idea that is too absurd for surveillance countries.

The logic (as far as any logic has been applied) is that due to the centuries-old history of chattel slavery, ultra-left activists have forced teachers to teach students to resist patriotism and turn to hate the United States. The body camera allows parents to monitor whether their children are being indoctrinated. (Have More support in order to This is better than you May think.)

As stated Atlantic OrganizationAdam Harris, Recently renamed The history of critical race theory as an existential threat can be traced back to about a year and a half.

At the end of 2019, some schools across the country began to add This New York Times‘1619 project to their history curriculum, Angered many conservatives He dismissed the central argument surrounding slavery to reconstruct American history. After the murder of George Floyd, interest in diversity and anti-racism training surged, prompting some conservative writers to complain about the secret re-education movement. (Ironically, black men and women actually Lead these trainings​​ Contradictory about whether they will lead to lasting change. )

Therefore, everything from reading lists to diversity seminars became “critical race theory,” which is in line with the late Harvard legal historian Derrick Bell as the CRT for the analysis of legal systems in the 1970s. The origin is far away.

This is why it is so interesting to turn to surveillance to ban CRT: an ambiguous, amorphous problem has encountered an ambiguous, amorphous solution, and ironically, the battlefield is the schools, which have been in the past few years. Greatly accepted surveillance.

The aftermath of the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Led to prosperity In “enhanced” schools, it is usually through the use of surveillance: schools begin to equip Iris scanner, Gunshots Detect microphone, face recognition Used for access and weapon detection robot. Online, schools turn to social media monitoring (in and off campus) to monitor employees Whenever a student’s post includes Words related to suicide or shooting.As Republican lawmakers shirk Dialogue about gun control, Funding more surveillance and officials in schools has become an option.

When a pandemic hits, closing schools becomes a reason for surveillance.Schools start to buy depend on face recognition and even Screen monitoring. Then, as the school reopened, the monitoring company Started another toneThis time, the same anti-shooting monitoring software can detect whether the student is wearing a mask or not maintaining social distancing. Dual uses abound.


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