The term “league” does not have the most respected history in college sports-we all remember the meager “bowl league” of the 1990s-so perhaps the alignment will be arranged when the Big Ten, Pacific 12 and Atlantic Coast Leagues are officially established Their league, they will assign it a more solemn name.

However, whatever they choose to call it, this is a direct response to the Southeastern Conference’s decision to increase the athletic capabilities of Texas and Oklahoma from the top 12 teams in 2025 (or earlier).

ESPN first reported on the discussion of the agreement between the three meetings. According to a high-level source at a member school, the three leagues will involve schedules, common emphasis on a wide range of sports beyond football, and are likely to have a unified voice in governance.

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These three alliances together with the SEC and Big 12 Conference constitute “Autonomy 5”, and they have the freedom to formulate their own rules at the NCAA level. With three of the five votes unanimous, even with so many of the most powerful football projects, the SEC cannot control this process.

This may also affect the expansion of college football playoffs. In June, the CFP Board of Directors recommended changing from 4 teams to 12 teams each year, with 6 positions guaranteed to enter the 6 highest-ranked conferences. Followers of other leagues worry that the SEC may push for an amendment to the plan, which will cancel automatic bidding so that its members can get more playoff seats, but between Pac-12, the top ten leagues and the ACC The alliance may prevent this from happening.

“The Big Ten League, ACC and Pac-12 all sponsor a lot of sports. We all celebrated our Olympians,” the administrator said. “The Securities and Exchange Commission dominates the football field. Their ideas are not on the same page.”

This difference is evident in the number of sports projects sponsored by the strongest SEC schools. Alabama provides 7 sports for men and 10 sports for women; LSU provides 8 sports for men and 10 sports for women. Ohio State University has 16 men’s sports and 16 women’s sports; UCLA has 10 men’s sports and 13 women’s sports.

This will never involve media rights shared between the three alliances. This is meaningless to the top ten companies, and their TV contracts are more valuable than the other two companies. However, when all alliances negotiate next time, agreeing to arrange time for each other will add value to the media rights of all alliances. For the Big Ten, that is 2023, and Pac-12 is 2024. The ACC contract will last until the next ten years, and an agreement is reached and ESPN will launch the ACC network.

The positions of the committee members of the three alliances are relatively new: George Kliavkoff was hired by Pac-12 in May; Jim Phillips took over the leadership of the ACC in December, and the top ten commissioner Kevin Warren has been in charge since January 2020 . Since taking office, all of them have had to deal with major challenges related to the pandemic, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission made it clear to Oklahoma and Texas last month that the pattern of college track and field may once again Significant changes have taken place.


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