Local media reported that after going out at night in the Roppongi nightclub area, four foreigners participating in the Tokyo Olympics were arrested for taking drugs.

The arrest broke a self-evident contract that Tokyo will assume the huge risk of hosting international events during the pandemic. In return, thousands of visiting athletes, officials, media and support personnel will Follow the rules of Japan.

The event will Revive the opposition After many reports of foreigners drinking alcohol in Tokyo without masks, the Japanese government has put more pressure on the Japanese government to crack down on it.

Police said the men who worked as electricians at Aggreko in the UK were tested and found that they had taken cocaine. Alec is one of 81 corporate sponsors and supporters of a $1 million event. Estimated $25 billion Sponsored and raised more than 3 billion US dollars in sponsorship.

The Japanese national broadcaster NHK reported that the police tested the four people for drugs after they tried to enter an apartment building near the famous bar area after they were suspected of being drunk.

Despite the government’s attempts to limit business hours, Roppongi’s bar and karaoke operators stated that many bars and karaoke operators have been open since February.

The police named the two men Ray Dalton, 22, and Gustavo Mosquida, 24, both from the United States, as well as 46-year-old British citizens John Lockwood and 32-year-old Anthony. · Kirk.

In order to show Japan’s concern that the Olympics may become a global super-spreading event, the organizers decided last week to continue the entire two-week exhibition. No audience.

This Olympic villageThe official opening on Tuesday has been reshaped into a “bubble” that isolates athletes from the public, and the final stage of victory through the torch relay in Tokyo will no longer take place on public roads.

Even after reducing the number of participants, Tokyo still expects 41,000 coaches, officials, media and other staff to travel from abroad, including approximately 5,800 contractors.

The arrest of the four men in an incident in early July was only exposed 10 days before the opening of the Olympic Games, which was initially postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Despite the warning, it continues Japan’s top epidemiologist.

Aggreko stated that it is assisting the police in investigating and has suspended the four men. The company provides temporary generators for large-scale events.

“Alec sincerely apologizes for the public’s attention to this matter… Athletes and thousands of people are committed to the safe and successful hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” it said.

Tokyo 2020 did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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