As supply decreases and demand increases, new Car price It soared further in May, setting a record high for the month’s year-on-year growth. In the data compiled and published in the Kelly Blue Book, Average New car The transaction price was US$41,263, an increase of US$2,125 or 5.4% from May 2020. It is also an increase of US$493 or 1.2% from April 2022.

According to KBB data, in addition to Tesla (-8.8%) and Nissan (-0.40%) The average transaction price increased year-on-year.All but Ford The month-on-month increase from April to May.The biggest gain is Mitsubishi, Undoubtedly encouraged by competition Outlander, A month-on-month increase of 5.6% and a year-on-year increase of 12%.

The second largest year-on-year growth was the various Stellatis brands (11.3% to 48,093 USD), General Motors (10.9% to 48,544 USD) and Honda (10.7% to 32,564 USD). Stellantis and General Motors The earnings and high transaction prices are undoubtedly due to the increasing demand for higher-priced trucks and large SUVs, as well as the reduced incentives as demand exceeds supply.

In other words, Ford’s best-selling truck Redesigned F-150, And is the only automaker with an average transaction price of US$45,802 compared to US$47,031 in April.

KBB also breaks down the price differences of 23 different vehicle categories.In addition to “high-performance cars” (down 13.2% to $95,797) and electric car (Decrease by 10.8% to US$52,486). Although we cannot speculate on “high-performance cars” because we are not sure which vehicles fall into this category, the year-on-year decline in electric cars can actually be considered a good thing.In short, driven by the new policy, more affordable electric vehicles will be sold in May 2022 than a year ago Ford Mustang Mach-E with Volkswagen ID.4. This Tesla Model 3 There is no doubt that we are continuing to do our part.

It should also be noted that the price of electric vehicles has actually increased by 1.9% from the previous month. Of course, this is true for every market segment, including vague “high-performance cars.”Ironically, the largest month-on-month growth occurred at the opposite ends of the car’s scale: small cars and high-end cars. Luxury cars. However, it is not difficult to explain why. For subcompact cars, the actual difference in dollars is small because their prices are very low: $19,295 to $20,004.For high-end luxury cars (US$101,362 to US$105,124), reduced supply may mean Dealer There is no need to provide the usual heavy discounts for such vehicles. Compared with percentages, this segment also has the largest monthly increase.

In terms of percentages, the market segment with the largest year-on-year increase is small truck 15.4% ( Sienna with carnival It undoubtedly helps in this regard), but in terms of dollar differences, “luxury full-size SUV/cross“The biggest increase was close to US$10,000. Given the transaction price of US$98,209, we guess that this includes navigator, Kered, BMW X7 And Mercedes-Benz GLS. Their non-luxury counterparts ranked second with a dollar increase of more than $8,000.a new one Tahoe with Yukon Territory Of course it helps, but again, these vehicles are often affected by a large number of incentives that have disappeared since.

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