From information available in the Swedish media it is known that the fire occurred near the island of Gotska Sandön in the Baltic Sea.

The portal reported that fire broke out in part of the ship, in which cars were transported. “Probably one of the trucks transported on the ferry caught fire” – we read.

– We were alerted at around 12:40. All available boats and helicopters were dispatched immediately, she said Lisa Mjörningspokesman for Stena Line, which operated the course, quoted by

On the other hand Jonas Franzén from the Swedish Maritime Administration reported that there was smoke on the ferry, but there was no open fire.

The vessel carries 241 passengers and 58 crew members. Mjörning reported that for the moment there is no information about the injured. “We have information that the fire should be under control, but there are still units on site in case an evacuation is needed,” said a spokeswoman for Stena Line.

The Stena Scandica ferry runs between the city of Nynäshamn in Sweden and Ventspils in Latvia. The ferry can take 970 passengers on board.