Are you ready for a smoother version of yourself this spring? If so, get ready for silky smooth skin at Tress Wellness with Amazon’s best at-home hair removal kit!

Warm weather is among us. Depending on where you live, that could mean cute leggings, sexy slip dresses, lace-up sandals, stylish shorts, and stylish tank tops—at least for me.

With this seasonal wardrobe change, many of us will start thinking about hitting the gym and personal grooming because no one wants to look like Sneaky from Christmas with those crazy, unwelcome body hair in the spring!

So if you’re ready to smoothen yourself out and wax like a pro in the comfort of your own home, read on.

Tress Wellness Complete Waxing Set
Finding a reliable waxing kit can be a bit, um… hairy. So I scoured the web for the best at-home waxing kits and found one on Amazon!

I was able to take my at-home waxing game to the next level Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Waxing Kit, Tress Wellness Complete Waxing Kit!

Yes, I know waxing sounds a little daunting, but beauties, removing body hair is a lot easier than you might think with the help of a Tress Wellness spa-grade at-home waxing kit.

From your lips to your legs, you can basically set up a waxing salon at home with this kit filled with all the essentials, which is why I love this system because they’ve thought of everything.

  1. Wax heater with digital display and automatic shut-off, so it is safe to use
  2. Five 100% Cruelty Free Different Waxing Beads (Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree and Mint)
  3. Pre- and post-wax sprays to remove oil and soothe after
  4. 20 waxing sticks and 10 brow waxing sticks for precise waxing
  5. Clear cap to help you monitor wax melting
  6. Detachable pot for easy cleaning
  7. LCD temperature display for perfect visibility
  8. Five protective rings stick around the heater to keep it clean
  9. User Manual (great for beginners)

Hair today, gone tomorrow…literally
I initially used Waxing Kit at Home Because I had a horrible experience with bikini wax at a reputed spa. The bikini wax was a last minute purchase after my hair was styled. I later learned that the problem was that the hair in my bikini area wasn’t long enough, it was ripping off the skin! Guess the tech guy should have mentioned this.

So today, I want to make sure you’re ready for whatever body part you’re trying to release fur! Preparation is crucial so you don’t end up with a botched salon wax like I did.

This is another reason I love Tress Wellness kits because they provide you with a user-friendly beginner’s guide that answers all the questions you may have to enjoy hairless perfection! (Plus, now your legs are not the same texture as the cactus).

Tips for Waxing at Home, Barbie Beauty Tips

Preparation method before waxing

Start with the right hair length
That’s what attracts me, so when I use the new Tress Wellness Waxing kit, I make sure I have enough hair to spare!

The minimum is 1/4 inch of hair length, which is about the size of a grain of rice. This will also ensure that the wax has something to grab onto. Allow the hair to be completely removed from the roots, not the skin.

Exfoliate Before Waxing
You want to remove any dead skin cells around the hair follicles. Exfoliating helps loosen existing ingrown hairs and improves waxing.

important: To minimize irritation, avoid chemical exfoliants before waxing. Instead, use something gentle, like exfoliating gloves or a gentle body scrub.

dial back your skincare
Above, I did say to avoid chemical exfoliants beforehand. I realize not everyone knows what this means.

So to be a little more specific, you also want to avoid retinol products, chemical peels and things like Microdermabrasion.

Start with clean skin
Always start your waxing regimen with freshly washed and dry skin. Clean the area you’re waxing, as no moisturizer, oil, deodorant, etc. should be applied where you plan to wax.

avoid tanning
Waxed skin is more susceptible to UV rays, causing Sunburn and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, tanning is not recommended before or at least 48 hours after waxing. If you’re waxing a trip to the beach, plan accordingly.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before waxing
These draw moisture from your skin, allowing your hair to adhere more tightly to dehydrated follicles. Instead, have a glass of wine first, not before!

Do a patch test before waxing

Beauty, there’s nothing worse than a burning hoo-ha. So be sure to do a patch test before applying hot wax, and if you’re doing your upper lip or brows, I recommend doing the same.

after avoiding sex
Oh how nice to share your sexy smooth body with your significant other. But you need to wait!

So plan accordingly. No anniversary waxing! Unless you just want a hug!

Best Hair Removal Hard Wax, Barbie Grooming Drills

real simplicity, real results,
User Waxing Instructions

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to eliminate those toughest problems! See the steps I took below…

prepare wax
The wax should have an even consistency. Kind of like thick honey or molasses. The temperature for heating the wax is about 150-170 degrees. For sensitive skin areas, you’ll love the ready-made color indicators.

front and rear wax
Make sure to use a pre-spray. First time forgot and make sure it’s dry before applying the wax so the wax doesn’t stick to the skin but only to the hair.

Cool wax slightly before use
Check before applying wax to your skin wax heater. It should not be too hot; otherwise, your skin will burn. Also, it won’t spread properly if it’s too cold.

do a temperature test
I put it under my wrist to check the temperature. Never use without testing, especially on the bikini area.

start small
For God’s sake, we don’t want Tik Tok waxing to fail. So make sure not to put the wax on the waxed area all at once. It makes the wax dry and hard to pull, and it doesn’t remove the hair from the roots.

Wait about 30-45 seconds until the wax doesn’t stick. Also, apply pressure while applying to catch hair and remove quickly. This is very important.

Best Hair Removal for the Bikini Area, Barbie Grooming Bits

remove wax from body
There aren’t any bands; the hard wax hardens and acts as a band. To remove, hold the skin in place and do not pull up or out to avoid pulling or tearing the skin.

  1. A critical step in preventing ingrown hairs is obtaining the entire follicle. The best way to get rid of hair This is done by holding the skin taut with the other hand and quickly removing the wax strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  2. Always apply pressure to the freshly waxed skin after removing the wax to immediately relieve any pain or tingling.
  3. Once your hair is completely removed, be sure to use a post-treatment spray to soothe and relieve any inflammation.

Personal Secrets to Making Barbie Better

how much wax on a stick
They call it bulb volume, and it refers to the buildup of wax around your spatula created by spinning the wax like spaghetti on a fork. The bulb should be the right size for your waxing area.

After spinning for about 2-3 seconds, your wax should not drip. If so, your wax may be too hot, or your consistency may have dropped. If your wax is too thin or too hot, turn down the higher temperature.

Exercises before applying to sensitive areas
Before doing the bikini area, I removed some hair on the upper thighs for practice, or if you plan to use it on facial hair, I recommend that you practice as well. I highly recommend this, especially if this is your first time waxing yourself.

Wax clip
It’s better to create an area at the end to grab the pull away (like a little lip or log). Don’t do it the first time, grab it for a while, cause irritation.

miss some hair
Wax strips need to be removed in the opposite direction to clean up any missed hair, especially some shags, and The direction of hair growth.

At-Home Braids Healthy Waxing Kit Review, Barbie Beauty Bits

Why I love the Tress Wellness Waxing Kit
The first thing I appreciate is the guide that makes this system so easy to use. The most important part for me is preparation, because that’s where many people fail, leading to negative experiences. But not Tress Wellness. They have thought of everything to get you ready, informed and ready for your hair-free experience.

Second, this is best selling at home waxing kits on amazon, And for good reason. The Tress Wellness Kit includes Hard Wax Beans that grip your hair, not your skin. This means smooth skin is less painful than other types of waxing.

Third, it is very affordable and very satisfying compared to going to the salon (kind of like Dr. Pimple, Popper TV Show Satisfaction), See those pesky removed hairs on wax.

Finally, since the wax is formulated with natural ingredients, it is no longer irritating. And no cruelty!

So there you have it, beauty. Barbie’s Beauty Bits Tips and Experiences Using the Tress Wellness Complete Waxing Kit. Amazon’s #1 Best At-Home Waxing Kit for Silky Skin.

until next time!