You know that once an ingredient starts to earn the highest revenue directly in the product name, it has “success”. Compared with the most famous active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, this is an honour-a veteran all-star that dermatologists have been touting for decades. But recently, a particularly popular ingredient has appeared in bold headline fonts on more and more bottles and jars: Nicotinamide.

Regardless of whether niacinamide is mentioned in the product name, it has been included in many skin care products with a wide range of uses at a speed that cannot be ignored. This is because nicotinamide has many benefits recognized by experts. “Nicotinamide works synergistically with the skin’s natural chemicals to improve the overall skin texture by rebuilding the lipid layer, reducing the appearance of pores, and preventing UV damage and inflammation as an antioxidant,” a board-certified dermatologist Brandis Irving Told before Lure.

According to a board-certified dermatologist, niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 and is also believed to reduce redness, discoloration and even acne Marisa Gasik“In topical form, it has been shown to reduce the production of sebum,” she previously told Lure, Note that it is very gentle on the skin.

There are many reasons for using niacinamide, and there are more types of products containing it: essences, creams, body lotions, topical care and so on. We have narrowed the scope to some of the best options so that you can find the ideal way to apply this universally beneficial ingredient to your skin care routine.

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