This is another deadly and devastating incident of gun violence in the United States.As people were shocked by the recurring mass shootings and police killings on the streets, we watched the fateful protests of black people resume all over the country. Dante Wright And the video of the police killing a 13-year-old boy on March 29, released publicly on Thursday Adam ToledoThe video shows that the seventh grade students Raise your hands When an officer shot him to death.

We also discussed the forgotten opioid crisis in British Columbia, the severe conditions immigrants continue to face at the U.S. border, the first three months of the Biden administration, and photos of Susana Vera that people are working to eliminate The long-term COVID fog.

The good news is that Polaroid has announced its return to round frames, and divers practicing black water photography are helping marine scientists to have new insights into fish larvae. We have conducted a very important in-depth study of early fashion trends, and you may see the streets today.

Last but not least, Ivor Prickett and LensCulture talked about filming Iraq and Syria and the end of what ISIS calls the Caliphate.

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