In all the ways we can use Remove unwanted facial and body hair At home, waxing may be the most messy.Of course, shaving involves Sharp blade, Tweezers or hair removal can be uncomfortable and tedious, but waxing requires skill and courage. In some cases, it completely ignores the advice of many experts.

“Unless you are an experienced home waxer, I always recommend it very carefully,” Board-certified dermatologist Chris G. Adigun Told before Lure“There are many variables in waxing at home, including controlling the temperature of the wax, which requires heating, waxing only the hair (not the skin), and irritation to the components of the kit.”

Good news: there is a way to wax at home, don’t worry. The wax strips exclude temperature guesses and area inaccuracies from the waxing equation by providing fragments of a predetermined size that can be torn apart at any time. Using the strips that we have collected for you here, you will never have to deal with the mess of a bucket of gooey microwave heating-and the potential risk of burns, nor the uneven distribution of it on the body parts of your choice.

Although these strips make waxing at home so easy, there are still some tips that everyone should follow before pulling hair out of the roots. “The length of the hair should be between one-eighth and one-quarter of an inch,” esthetician Hannah Naranjo Told before LureIn addition: “Make sure your skin is clean.” Moisturizing lotions, gels, and oils can make it more difficult for wax to completely adhere to the hair you are trying to remove.

Naranjo recommends that you stop exfoliating about a day after waxing, but after that, you must exfoliate regularly between waxing. In addition to exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs, Marie Hayag, a dermatologist certified by the board of directors already told Lure, “Exfoliating also helps the skin look healthy and encourages hair to grow upwards and in the right direction.”

Now that you are ready to remove, please see our top picks of wax strips that can be used at home.


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