Mallorca is a popular tourist destination because of its numerous resort hotels, Palma’s vibrant nightlife and diverse landscapes – all concentrated on one island. However, a common mistake people make when visiting Mallorca is thinking it’s small just because it’s an island, which means that ROIG’s Mallorca car rental is a popular service.

Is Mallorca a walkable island?

The reality is that Mallorca has an area of ​​3,640 square kilometers and is nearly 100 kilometers long from east to west. But while the islands themselves are not walkable, individual towns are. Palma is the largest town and its center stretches for about 1 km and has different communities such as Bons Aires and Son Dameto. You may live in a neighborhood a few kilometers away, but in general, 90% of hotels are in the central area or adjoining bays.

If you’re taking an airport transfer to your hotel and don’t want to do a lot of excursions to the countryside, it’s very possible to rely on your feet in Mallorca. Plus, if you add a bike to your arsenal, you can more easily explore further afield—even mountains. Parma is also becoming more and more bike-friendly.

car rental

While some of the smaller towns and villages are more walkable, it’s easiest to get there by car and take a day trip. Palma airport is the main place to find car rental companies where you can pay upwards of 16 euros. Parking spaces are usually available, but at a high cost, and some older areas of Palma can be difficult to drive through with the many one-way narrow streets. However, car rentals are ideal for those looking for the freedom to drive to the countryside and rural areas.


While mopeds are smaller and easier to park and therefore easier to get around, this is similar to the situation with car rentals – not needed when living in Palma, or even other towns on the island, but can be obtained nicely between them. In addition, the cost is reduced to 6 euros per day.

Public transit

Impressively, most of the island has a bus network. Of course, the itinerary is tight, with few itineraries, even less so on weekends. However, for just €3, you can get a multimodal card and get from town to town with relative ease. Not surprisingly, there is no rail network on the island, but the bus network is sufficient for most people’s needs.

private transport

Another option is to use a taxi, as this is the most comfortable and direct way to get somewhere. You may have to pay around 12 euros for a 20 minute trip, but this may vary by date and time.

Chartered holidays are common, and chartered cars can go directly from the airport to the hotel. These are great for those who live in the city and can even be done individually outside of a package holiday. Unlike public buses, they are spacious enough to store your suitcases and are cheaper than taxis.