The rain in April brings the flowers of May. Then summer arrived, and its light spread in the humid air, which is why June is full of rainbows.

When a beam of sunlight and raindrops pass through the path, it will burst out a series of brilliant different wavelengths, the eyes can distinguish these wavelengths into different colors, from red (the longest wavelength, peak to valley) to yellow, blue to Purple (shortest).This phenomenon occurs frequently and there is almost no media report, except for one in 2010, when there was a video of two parallel rainbows arching over Yosemite National Park. Go viral. Not because double rainbows are rare-they are not-but because the person who recorded the video was moved by the experience and couldn’t help but speak to the sky.

The rainbow itself appeared in the late 1970s. Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician in California, asked artist and drag queen Gilbert Baker to design a symbol for the nascent LGBTQ+ rights movement. Gilbert carried the eight-striped rainbow flag, each color representing some significant elements of the gay experience, starting with pink (physical), passing through yellow and green (sunlight and nature), and finally violet (spiritual). In the end, The pink is discarded, and turquoise and indigo merge into a single blue. Love is everywhere, especially in June; the proud month.

Summer in the northern hemisphere comes with rainbows, but we have seen them all our lives. “Are there any people alive who can’t say that they drew rainbows when they were young?” Leatrice Eiseman asked, who officially served as the executive director of the organization. Pantone Color Institute And informally is the most prominent color expert in the Western Hemisphere. From Tucson’s Cinnamon Sand, she advises other parts of the human world on the art, science, and business of color. Pantone’s tone library includes more than 3,000 unique colors spanning the visual spectrum-only about three-thousandths of the colors perceivable by the human eye (up to 10 million). But in any case, they will reverberate in our lives.

What is a McDonald’s without the hot 485 C (the juicy red of the Happy Meal box) and the gold 123 C (“fried yellow”)?exist Fashion devil, Meryl Streep (Meryl Streep) tried to confuse the two turquoise colors after Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) mixed the internal organs, thus reflecting the meticulous color in fashion.Hathaway’s sweater, Streep Point out, Is azure. She said it is a variant of cobalt. It was adopted by the fashion industry in 2002. Two years later, Eisman and Pantone in real life announced azure as the color of the millennium and the company’s first Color of the year. Unfortunately, Hathaway’s character wore it in 2006.

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