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The biggest NFT drops 2022 will be about implementing the immutable X protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Virtual bands have been used before and will be used to create a new Layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs. This is the way of the future, and the X protocol has many advantages over other protocols. This way the Tesler App a user-friendly trading application has been launched for you that makes use of cutting-edge technologies to assist traders in making informed cryptocurrency investments. This article will explain the most important differences between the two and help you determine which category to invest in.


One of the most important things that Angrymals players will need to access the game’s P2E mechanics is their Angrymals NFT. To do this, the Angrymals team plans to host a major IDO sometime in May 2022. In addition to Chaos Orbs, players will also need the Chaos Shards, which are obtained from PvP games or by winning tournaments. Currently, there are several ways to earn these tokens, such as by participating in giveaways and winning PvP games. These tokens will eventually be used to purchase other game items.

Players can strategize before they launch an attack, using various wacky weapons and building fortresses to defend their territory. Angrymals NFT holders will also be able to trade these assets on a secondary market. In addition, players will also earn tokens as they play, with these tokens scaling with skill. Once this feature is launched, the Angrymals NFT price will be 1.0 SOL per token.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT is an invitation to the full-featured governance of the Ape Foundation DAO, which uses the $ApeCoin token. The Ape Foundation also announced plans for a P2E game set within the Yacht Club universe where players can earn ApeCoin by playing the game and participating in the governance of the DAO. Although the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT is not as popular as its bigger brother, it is related to Bored Apes.

As of August 21, the floor price of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT has dropped by 13% in ether. That amount is equivalent to $91,917 USD. The drop is primarily due to the plunge in the price of ether. It’s important to remember that the cheapest Bored Ape NFT was 152 ETH in April, which means it would cost you $429.00. However, the road map for the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT has already changed. It now lists merchandising and branding.

Awesome Possums

In a nutshell, the mission of Awesome Possums in NFT 2022 is to help create a better world. The organization is seeking to promote mental health awareness and addiction rehabilitation by creating a community where people can come together to create positive change. Interested in becoming a part of the community? Join the exclusive posse, and earn a portion of the NFT community’s rewards. You can also receive donations from businesses, sports teams, and individuals who support the aims of the NFT community.

The community is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who have all faced the struggles of mental health or addiction and have vowed to help. Currently, the game contains over ten thousand Awesome Possums. They will also introduce 2,000 more in the coming months. Despite these challenges, Awesome Possums is committed to a long-term project and to bringing the community closer to its ultimate goal.

Mutant Ape

The Mutant Yacht Club has been launched on the Ethereum blockchain with a collection of 20,000 Mutant Ape NFTs. The boat was launched in August 2021, just a few months after the Bored Apes were imperiled by a vial of Mutant Serum. This boat has become extremely popular, attracting A-list celebrities and boosting the value of the NFT ecosystem.

In the past week, sales of the Bored Ape NFT have skyrocketed by millions of dollars. The Mutant Ape NFT has also skyrocketed, with its price nearly four times that of its predecessor. That is an incredible result for the non-fungible tokens, which are becoming more valuable every day. According to the website, there are currently six thousand Bored Ape NFTs in circulation, with at least five wallets having more than 50.


One of the biggest and most anticipated NFT drops of 2022 will be the Funga, a single-edition digital art piece by UK multimedia artist and musician Rat Boy. The Funga will include NFT collectibles, pieces from his career, and digitized hardware. As an added bonus, he will include a free Roland TR-303 NFT for fans of his music.

Another one of the biggest NFT drops will be a seven-foot-tall sculpture by XCOPY. This NFT depicts an astronaut walking through an extraterrestrial atmosphere. It will be updated with new footage throughout Beeple’s lifetime. He also plans to release a second NFT in 2022, based on the 2020 presidential elections. But in the meantime, he will be able to spend the money on other artworks.


In the coming year of 2022, there will be a massive drop in the number of VeeFriends tokens in circulation. The biggest drop in the NFT price will take place during VeeFriends biggest NFT event, which is scheduled for May 19th to 22nd. The event will take place at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. To attend the event, you will need to purchase VeeFriend NFT tokens. Open Sea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, will have them available for purchase.

The VeeFriends NFT project focuses on creating unique intellectual properties and an extraordinary community. The characters are inspired by human characteristics that Gary admires and considers necessary for success. As such, the characters have grown into more lifelike forms in Series 2, which includes fifteen new characters. You can also collect a unique VeeFriend by following the “pretty” list, which will randomly pick 32,000 BOOK GAMES tokens.