Okay, we get it: there really is no such thing as “reasonable” Acura NSX Ownership is no longer, but here we are fans of cars that can be admired, and This 66K mile automatic NSX-T is made of Long Beach Blue Pearl Go to Cars & Bids for a week and it says “driver”.

“But Byron, how can you call it a’driver’ when it has automatic transmission?” Honestly, we cannot defend that particular choice on behalf of the original buyer, but we mean that this car does not No begging to park forever. Between the obvious signs of use inside and outside and the trash at the bottom, it is clear that this car has spent its entire life, which means you don’t have to feel guilty for doing so.

this NSX Almost completely original (if you want to eliminate “almost” situations, including factory radios), and considering its mileage, there is almost no wear and tear on the inside. The tan seat leather looks very good, even on the cushions, and all the plastic and metal parts seem to be in place. On the outside, the paint shows signs of normal wear, but there is certainly nothing that cannot be easily corrected.

It may not be the best NSX for driving-or the NSX with the least mileage or exposure to the environment-but that’s why it may also be the NSX for you. Why are you asking? Because it may not go bankrupt. But we will see what the week’s bidding thinks about this.

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