First, let’s quickly answer the most important question: no puppies were hurt when making this stupid crime story.

Now, back to the beginning: A Bay Area man met a potential buyer in Hayward, California, with a litter of Golden Retriever puppies for sale. Carjacker with gun And asked the seller of the puppy to surrender his Chevrolet AvalancheThe gunman jumped in, drove in and drove away—there were puppies inside, just like some carjackers driving with children in their car seats.Not long after, the police chased after him, and the puppy robber successfully flipped avalanche To its roof. He fled on foot, and it didn’t last long. After chasing, he was arrested.

In its Facebook postsAccording to Hayward police, the three puppies were found from the wreckage, “a bit frightened, but they were comforted by officials.” We bet on these two aspects.

According to the police, the suspect was detained in Santa Rita County Prison and charged with carjacking, felony fleeing a vehicle, endangering animals, possession of drugs and weapons and other charges.

What is not clear in this story is the motive. What kind of transportation does the thief need, or is he particularly interested in avalanches? Or is he chasing the puppy all the time? During the pandemic, the demand for pets soared, and so did the prices. (You will remember Lady Gaga was shot dead in her dog-walking cart During the theft of her precious French Bulldog in April. ) What better than two furry, long curly golden retriever puppies? Nothing-although these special puppies are more like puppies, they may only be 6 to 9 months old from the picture. But still a good dog.

In any case, pets become expensive. After the pandemic, the price of used cars has skyrocketed. We are not sure what is more valuable, an avalanche like a truck or a puppy. It’s just that the puppy is cuter.


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