The scoring of the Suns’ game against the Clippers on Tuesday-the Suns won a crucial second victory in the Western Conference Finals-will show that Paul George has a good game.

26 points, 10 of 23 shots; 6 assists; 6 rebounds; 5 of 10 shots from the free throw line. He also scored the team’s final 6 points in the last minute, helping the Clippers lead 103-102 with 8.2 seconds left in the game.

However, with the Clippers losing 104-103, the only important statistic is that George, who made the last two free throw percentages — the shooter with a career free throw percentage of 84.7% — missed. They finally gave Phoenix a chance to win an incredible comeback victory, which may be costly even if the series returns to Los Angeles.

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If George makes two shots, the Suns will need a three-pointer to drag the game into overtime. If he scores a goal, they need a two-pointer.But he missed two and made the Suns Win in an inbound dunk Less than a second left:

Credit to DeAndre Ayton, Jae Crowder and the Suns. That game will be one of the top games in the history of the NBA playoffs. But every heartbreaking defeat requires a goat. No one is more qualified than the “Playoff P”. He could have won a victory for his team with the simplest way of scoring basketball.

For the Clippers, this is good news, if any: They have already beaten their opponents 2-0 in the first two series against the Mavericks and Jazz. However, when George and his company return to Los Angeles, this may be a cold comfort. Harsh Twitter comments against George may also not help:

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