Wyoming Catholic College It was planned to use a $10 million donation from an anonymous donor—the largest donation in its history—to fund the campus expansion, but before the fraud allegations against the college’s chief financial officer raised doubts about the source and legality of the donation , National Catholic Roster Report.

Chief Financial Officer Paul McCown resigned from Tomorrow Cathedral in Wyo on June 25, when an investment company filed an application Civil litigation McCown accused him of falsifying financial information and fraudulently obtaining a $15 million loan. The lawsuit alleges that McCaw distributed most of the funds to family members and the Bishop’s College of Wyoming Tomorrow.

“The most important thing is that he transferred $10.5 million into an account of the “Goldman Sachs Charity Fund” named “Paul and Jacinta McCaw Fund”, and then he instructed the $10 million as an “anonymous donation.” Transfer to the college, where (as mentioned before) he is the chief financial officer,” the lawsuit states.

The court documents did not list McCaw’s lawyers and he could not be reached Inside higher education comment.Wyoming Catholic College says Statement of July 7 Said that “we are cooperating with civil litigants and the funds are in the process of refunding”.

The college stated that the second employee mentioned in the lawsuit has been given administrative leave.

The statement said: “In the past month, the leaders of our institution violated trust so severely, it was embarrassing and painful for the Wyoming Catholic College.” “However, the college’s initial internal review found no additional financial irregularities. , The Catholic College of Wyoming was neither charged nor defended in the lawsuit.”

Glenn Arbery, Chairman of the Catholic Church of Wyoming, told National Catholic Register The incident will not threaten the financial stability of the institution.

He said: “It is not so much a threat to our daily operations, as it is a disappointment in the future plans of the college.”


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