Craig Kimbrel didn’t know why his teammate rushed out of the dugout immediately after winning 4-0 for the Cubs at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night.

The Chicago approacher headed to the mound at the bottom of the ninth inning, just thinking that he was maintaining the lead. He never bothered to check any scoreboard that showed zero in the home team’s hit column.

This is why Kimbrel was very calm after defeating Will Smith in the combination of no-hitters and entering the final. Then he got the news from his friend.

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“I won’t lie, I didn’t know until the last time, everyone ran out,” Kimbrel smiled. Tell Marquee Sports Network During the live interview. “I’m just locked in the game and going out to do my job.”

He said that when receiver Willson Contreras stretched out his fist, he started to make contact.

“That’s a giveaway. I thought,’Man, something just happened,” he said. “(Ryan) Tepera came out. He said,’You don’t even know what just happened, do you?’ I thought,’I don’t know.'”

With the help of the starter Zach Davies in the 6th inning, Tepera cast an uninterrupted seventh inning. Andrew Chafin pitched the eighth.

It seems impossible for the Cubs bullpen to not know Kimbrel before he left for the mound, but Chafin told reporters that no one there had any clues because they could not see the hitting wall from a position other than the right court.

Then there is the baseball tradition of the dugout, not talking to the pitcher rejected by the pitcher, lest the conversation affects him. In the case of Chafin and Kimbrel, they did not hear anyone peeping on the court.

After Chafin finished the outing and saw what was happening on TV, he started talking about it with the coaches in the clubhouse. Then he began to worry because he encountered silence.

“Oh, s-, I might just ruin it for us,” he recalled. According to Russell Dorsey of the Chicago Tribune“But it succeeded.”

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